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Sig Hecker to present a Tour of the Nuclear World at Las Campanas dinner evening
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At this exclusive Las Campanas dinner evening, Siegfried Hecker, PhD, Stanford University Research Professor and Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Emeritus will offer his thoughts and opinions on the exclusive “nuclear club,” focusing on North Korea, Russia, and the Iran deal among many other urgent issues.
Great Decisions 2018 - It's round three for this popular discussion group!
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In 2018, consider joining our local Great Decisions program which provides background information and policy options for eight of the most critical issues facing America each year and serves as a focal text for discussion groups across the country.
Academic WorldQuest 2018
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David O'Sullivan, Ambassador from the European Union to the US to speak at CIR Luncheon
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Where is the special Transatlantic relationship heading? Is it evolving – or regressing? What comes after 70 years of peace, friendship, and prosperity? How will both Brexit and President Trump’s apparent move away from this alliance change how Western democracies interact?
Music and Trivia with International Visitors
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Join CIR on Monday, February 5th for an outstanding night of trivia and an open mic. We'll have two international visitor groups in town - one a group of 18 artists and musicians for social change, the other a group of indigenous Russians from the North Arctic. We'll have Algeria's foremost rapper in the house!
Journalism and Islam
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A Status Report on the Middle East with Prof. Emile Nakhleh
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Join us on Thursday, January 25 at 5:00pm to hear the scholar and speaker Emile Nakhleh deliver a Status Report on the Middle East.
The Future of War
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The future will see a continuation of the evolution of war towards civilizational conflict. War will be fought across many different domains (conventional military; financial, media and entertainment; infrastructure at all scales; consumer products and services); will involve both new players, such as environmental groups, and the return of old players, such as state religions; and will reflect rapid evolution of powerful and unpredictable technology systems, such as AI and autonomous systems, and social media
Plenty of holiday cheer at Zocalo Clubhouse again this year!
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Drop by and enjoy plenty of holiday cheer with CIR members and friends!
Andrea Stanton: Islam and Human Rights
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Join us in the lead up to Human Rights Day (December 10th) on Tuesday, December 5th for a fascinating talk about some of the current human rights dynamics and dilemmas in the Islamic world.