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The team from the MASTERS Program thinks about an AWQ question...
A delegate from Sudan visits MOCHA
Students discuss during the Middle East Symposium in April 2017.
Guests from Georgia, as part of our International Visitor Leadership Program, visit Bandelier National Monument. June 2016.
A delegation from Belarus learns about social entrepreneurship from local businesses and nonprofits.
The winning team from Las Cruces contemplates their AWQ answer.
Students discuss during March 2017's Academic WorldQuest.

We at the Santa Fe Council on International Relations connect New Mexico and the world by engaging and educating people to become responsible global citizens. We promote an in-depth understanding of globalization–including the responsibilities of the global citizen–and US foreign policy through our talks and panels and lectures.

We welcome around 300 international visitors every year to northern New Mexico, plugging them into our community. Find out who’s coming to town right here!! We educate the next generation with global awareness and competencies.

We connect ideas with action, through a membership of former ambassadors, foreign service officers, executives, and folks seeking insight into these complex times.

Click here for our newest feature: podcasts. If you missed one of our speakers, or want to revisit some of their insights, these are a wonderful resource.



Upcoming Calendar of Events

Thursday, December 14: Braden Allenby, speaking on the Future of WarClick here for tickets and more details.

Thursday, January 25: Professor Emile Nakleh offering us A Status Report on the Middle East. More details TBD.

Thursday, February 1: Professor Janet Steele, speaking on Journalism and Islam. A luncheon event. More details TBD.



The Future of War

The Future of War

The future will see a continuation of the evolution of war towards civilizational conflict. War will be fought across many different domains (conventional military; financial, media and entertainment; infrastructure at all scales; consumer products and services); will involve both new players, such as environmental groups, and the return of old players, such as state religions; and will reflect rapid evolution of powerful and unpredictable technology systems, such as AI and autonomous systems, and social media Continue Reading

The Broken Border: Reconnecting the Camino Real

The Broken Border: Reconnecting the Camino Real

The border separating the United States and Mexico runs through the very heart of the continent’s future. It is a politically charged border, one of great complexity, human drama, and global trade. And these many border dynamics have a direct influence and impact on Santa Fe—economically, politically, and morally. Now a self-proclaimed “sanctuary city” protecting undocumented immigrants,… Continue Reading

Upcoming Events

Great Decisions 2018 - It's round three for this popular discussion group!
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In 2018, consider joining our local Great Decisions program which provides background information and policy options for eight of the most critical issues facing America each year and serves as a focal text for discussion groups across the country.