Global Citizen Summit 2018

Global Citizen Summit 2018

Join students from across northern New Mexico in sharing your global identity. How are you a global citizen? How do you connect with people and cultures around the world? What are your responsibilities to the planet? What social injustices do you address?

FREE FOR ALL STUDENTS. For those who aren’t teachers or students tickets to the event are $18 with dinner, $12 without. Available at the door or in the preceding link.

On Saturday, April 28th at St John’s College we’ll celebrate the global identity we all now carry – through word, art, performance, food and games…

Come and celebrate your global identity.

Location: St. John’s College, Great Hall, 1160 Camino De Cruz Blanca, Santa Fe

We have an EPIC evening planned for you. Here are some of the highlights:

4:30 – Interactive games set to a marimba band from ATC.
5:15 – Call to an international buffet. Weather permitting we’ll eat outside to the sounds of Drum Medicine.
6:15 – Issa Nyaphaga begins his interpretive painting, responding to the groove of improvising musicians.
6:40 – Issa offers a TED-style talk on Becoming Global Citizens.
7:00 – Agalu and the Spirit of African Drums takes the stage.
7:15 – Emi Arte Flamenco.
7:30 – Allegra Love on Becoming a Global Citizen.
7:35 – Raina Sophia – Slam Poetry.
7:55 – Karen Jones Meadows – one-woman play, Alter that Altar.
8:10 – SJC Freshman Jazz Band.
8:20 – Baracutangapulsating world music from Albuquerque.

All to unfold in St. John’s Great Hall. Games at 4:30. Dinner at 5:15. Variety Show begins at 6:15.

The Summit is supported in part by New Mexico Arts, a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs, and by the National Endowment for the Arts.

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