CIR 2013 Student Summit

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2013 CIR Fall Summit

This is the 5th Annual Council on International Relations Fall Summit where we bring together area students and faculty to meet and discuss important international topics.

Topic: A Review of Bilateral Relations and the Changes Ahead

The United States has for years used bilateral relations to achieve its goals with nations who are friends and competitors. This has become the focal point of our foreign policy since World War II. We have used trade agreements, defense agreements, and interlocking regional alliances to advance U.S. objectives.

The focus of this year’s summit is on American relations with other countries around the world. Each of the targeted countries has maintained a complex relationship with the United States since the end of the Second World War. Some have been enemies, some have been allies, some have been competitors, and some have been partners.

The Council on International Relations has chosen to explore these topics at its Fall Summit. Key questions are:

1) How the relationship stood in the late 1940s.

2) What and how global events (such as wars, alliances, crises, and third-party conflicts) changed and otherwise affected US attitudes toward and responses to the target country.

3) What sort of economic and trade relationships existed and evolved since the mid-twentieth century.

4) Where the relationship currently stands: political ally or opponent, friend or rival, major or minor trading partner, ideologically similar or different.

The Program

We are meeting on Thursday, October 24, starting at 8:30 a.m. The CIR Fall Summit is being hosted by The Master’s Program at Santa Fe Community College. Our Summit will take place in the Jemez Room with its excellent AV equipment and expandable space so there is no limit to the number of students you can send. All faculty and all students are welcome.

Also, last year we had a suggestion to invite parents, administrators, and CIR members. We like this idea and encourage it, but we also want to limit the number to keep this a student focused event. Please check with Dr. Jeff Case,, about the number count on the RSVP.

Our plan is to assign each school to deliver a content briefing on a particular country. We have selected seven countries that we think can show the importance of a bilateral relationship during this time period. We are asking schools to form teams of four to five students to deliver a 15 minute PowerPoint which follows last year’s model used for the topic Why Does America Go To War. Students may use maps, graphs, political cartoons, statements from world leaders, and any social media resource. This has proven to be a lively, informative, and interactive.

This is an excellent opportunity for any teacher who is including one of the selected countries in this year’s classroom studies. Please contact Dr. Jeff Case if you want your school to participate or to be an observer as soon as possible.

There will be a laptop computer for PowerPoint presentations and excellent AV equipment. As with last year if you wish to make a PowerPoint presentation, please bring it copied onto a flash/thumb drive.

At the end of each presentation, former Foreign Service Officers Jim Joy and Herb Thomas will provide commentary, dialogue, and augment the briefing. Both of these Officers have served in major embassies throughout the world and have distinguished careers. As it did last year, this format should provide a lively, informative, and interactive experience for all those involved.

After lunch we will break into a fishbowl and bring teachers and students into a circle and focus on our morning discussion and recent events.

The Countries

□ Russia— The Master’s Program; Jody Lefevers

□ Mexico— Monte Del Sol; Esther Kovari

□ Egypt— St. Mike’s; P.J. Liebson & Kim Walker

□ Germany— Santa Fe High; Tracy Akers.

□ Israel— Santa Fe High; Chris Eadie

□ China— Santa Fe Prep; Nick Wirth.

□ Great Britain— Santa Fe Indian School; Carlene Carey

The Schedule

8:30 – 8:45           Assemble at the Jemez Room at SFCC.

8:45 – 9:00           Introduction of School Delegations.

9:00 – 10:00        The first three countries. Russia, Mexico, Egypt.

10:00 – 10:20      Break.

10:20 – 11:40      The second four countries. Germany, Israel, China, Great Britain.

11:45 – 12:00      Q & A, Summation

12:00 – 12:30      Lunch (Pizza).

12:30 – 1:00        Fishbowl.

1:00 – 1:30           Closing.

1:30                        Adjourn


Dr. Jeff Case, Chair, Faculty/Student Committee, Council on International Relations,

505-231-3300 or email,