Welcome to Santa Fe Council on International Relations
The team from the MASTERS Program thinks about an AWQ question...
A delegate from Sudan visits MOCHA
Students discuss during the Middle East Symposium in April 2017.
Guests from Georgia, as part of our International Visitor Leadership Program, visit Bandelier National Monument. June 2016.
A delegation from Belarus learns about social entrepreneurship from local businesses and nonprofits.
The winning team from Las Cruces contemplates their AWQ answer.
Students discuss during March 2017's Academic WorldQuest.

We at the Santa Fe Council on International Relations connect New Mexico and the world by engaging and educating people to become responsible global citizens. We promote an in-depth understanding of globalization–including the responsibilities of the global citizen–and US foreign policy through our talks and panels and lectures.

We welcome around 300 international visitors every year to northern New Mexico, plugging them into our community. Find out who’s coming to town right here!! We educate the next generation with global awareness and competencies. Visit our newly updated 2018 Education page to see all of our programs over 2018-19!

We connect ideas with action, through a membership of former ambassadors, foreign service officers, executives, and folks seeking insight into these complex times.

Click here for our newest feature: podcasts. If you missed one of our speakers, or want to revisit some of their insights, these are a wonderful resource.



Upcoming Calendar of Events

Saturday, April 28th: The Global Citizen Summit!!!! St John’s College. All information right here.

Friday, May 4th: CIR Internship Application Deadline. More information here.

Monday, May 7th: Secretary Ken Salazar and Doug Howe in conversation on energy independence and security. More information here.

Wednesday, May 16th: Bruce Held on the Cuban Missile Crisis: A Secret Intelligence Perspective. More information here.

Spring, 2018: Focus Groups with high school and college classrooms to shape CIR’s Journalism Under Fire event in autumn 2018.

Thursday, May 31st 2018: 2018 CIR High School Fellowship Application Deadline. More information here.

CIR is thrilled to have our first-ever corporate partner, PNM, sponsoring this year’s annual policy simulation and a speaker series on Energy’s Global Future.


Global Citizen Summit 2018

Global Citizen Summit 2018

Join students from across northern New Mexico in sharing your global identity. How are you a global citizen? How do you connect with people and cultures around the world? What are your responsibilities to the planet? What social injustices do you address? FREE FOR ALL STUDENTS. For those who aren’t teachers or students tickets to… Continue Reading



CIR proudly presents its newest multimedia feature: podcasts. Below find all our episodes, with many more to come! We will interview all future speakers at CIR, and present these here. Note that there is a link for each podcast below that will take you directly to the episode. Alternatively–so that you never miss another episode!–open… Continue Reading

Upcoming Events

Special presentation and sale about Quilts and Quilters in India
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Martha Wallace and her friend, Tricia Stoddard, will be talking about the results of their research grant to study quilts and quilters in India.
Sec. Ken Salazar and Doug Howe: Towards Energy Independence?
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Secretary Ken Salazar and Doug Howe in conversation on energy independence and security in a world of myriad challenges – the third and final of our PNM-supported talks.
The Cuban Missile Crisis: A Secret Intelligence Perspective
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This talk provides a secret intelligence perspective on the two years that led up to the Cuban Missile Crisis, the world’s closest brush with nuclear Armageddon.