A Cultural Tour of Iran

A Cultural Tour of Iran

A Cultural Tour of Iran through Stories

When: Thursday, April 12th. 10am-12pm.

Where: CIR Conference Room. 413 Grant Ave, Suite D.

Cost: Free, but register here on a first-come first-served basis. 35 seats available.

Join us for a special event where we explore the magnificent culture of Iran. Steve Horowitz will be in town to tell us stories and regale us with the people of Iran. His bio: “In 1968, I accepted an invitation to join the Peace Corps to become an English teacher in a country I knew nothing about: Iran. As my understanding of that country grew, I developed a strong connection, one that continues today, 50 years later. My experience as a teacher, writer, world music radio host and ESL program director are all directly linked to what transpired from 1968 to 1971. For 23 years, I was the director of the English as a second language program at Central Washington University, where I worked with students from around the world fostering intercultural exchange and educational opportunities.

My collected stories Donkeys, Dervishes and the Borderline: An American’s Experience in Pre-revolutionary Iran, are first person narratives that give listeners/readers  insights into what Iran was like for a culturally curious young American during that era, where modernization was in an early stage of development. I felt very welcome in Iran but there were many obstacles to face in terms of infrastructure and significant cultural differences. The stories reflect all of this. Before the actual reading, there will be a short introduction to the language, geography, and culture of Iran.”

Reserve your place today here. We will limit seats to 35.