Insights into a Peace Corps Education

Insights into a Peace Corps Education

Join CIR on Monday, July 24 to listen to the experiences of Conor Sanchez, a recently returned Peace Corps volunteer, and his counterpart from Nicaragua, Bayron Sandoval. They will share insights into their time working together in Nicaragua, discussing how education, goodwill ambassadorship, and intercultural exchange can make a truly positive impact in the world.

When: 12-1:30pm, July 24, 2017

Where: CIR Conference Room (413 Grant Ave, Suite D)

Cost: Free.

As a Peace Corps volunteer, Santa Fe-native Conor Sanchez spent two years teaching English alongside Bayron Sandoval in a community called Nueva Guinea located in southeast Nicaragua. Bayron, who works as an secondary school teacher as well as a university professor, served as a Peace Corps counterpart to Conor, helping him integrate into the community by introducing him to local leaders, explaining unfamiliar customs, and recommending tasty Nicaraguan fare. Together, they worked on various education initiatives, including teacher training conferences, English clubs, mentor groups, and cultural programs that improved people’s understanding of the United States.

Bayron Sandoval

Bayron is currently in the United States for the first time participating in the Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI) for Secondary Educators hosted by the Global Institute for Secondary Educators at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He and 19 other teachers from around the world are exploring how the American Dream created a common cultural heritage and core set of values that continue to define American society today. After his program ends, he will be visiting New Mexico before returning to Nicaragua.