About the Santa Fe Council on International Relations

The Santa Fe Council on International Relations promotes understanding of international issues and welcomes international visitors to northern New Mexico. CIR offers lectures by distinguished diplomats and scholars, foreign affairs discussions, travel opportunities, and activities for students, including the Academic WorldQuest competition. Our efforts stimulate dialogue and educate members, students, and the community about crucial globalization and foreign affairs issues. Our activities always emphasize the social element.

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International visitors reach us through arrangements with the Department of State, the Library of Congress, and other organizations. Each year we host around 300 visitors—rising leaders in their countries—who are learning about local government; administration of justice, indigenous cultures, entrepreneurship; management of nonprofits, artistic organizations and museums; water resource management; combating domestic violence, and numerous other subjects. CIR volunteers organize and participate in these programs, providing home stays, dinners, and receptions for the visitors.

CIR has about 500 members who are supported by our Executive Director (Sandy), our Program Officer, Events (Susan), and our Program Officer, International Visitors (Brent)—read our bios here—and by countless volunteers (thank you!) and student interns. CIR members receive discounts to events and opportunities to participate in member-only activities. In addition to supporting these activities, membership fees and donations allow us to provide free admission to events for students.

CIR is one of more than 90 nationwide affiliates of the Global Ties U.S. (new name for the National Council for International Visitors) and one of about 90 members of the World Affairs Councils of America. CIR was established in 1965 and is a nonpartisan 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization.