Mission & Vision


The Santa Fe Council on International Relations connects New Mexico with the world by engaging and educating people to become responsible global citizens.


We envision a community where New Mexicans are knowledgeable about global economics, politics, cultures, leaders, and the “global commons,” regularly applying this knowledge for their own advancement, through cultural exchange, and as responsible global citizens.

To download our 2017-2019 Strategic Plan, click here.


CIR recognizes and advances the following values in all of its programing. We support diverse approaches for upholding these values. CIR emphasizes:

  • nonpartisanship, believing that a fair and objective neutrality is key to understanding global events and issues, and to effective brokering among individuals and organizations.
  • collaboration, believing that each of us has value to add in arriving at a collective solution.
  • open dialogue and communication as central tools in arriving at collective understandings and agreements.
  • the core values of the global citizen in contributing to a world of gender equality, human rights, equal opportunity, sustainable economic growth, environmental stewardship, peaceful conflict resolution, and cultural and religious diversity.
  • educating the community on these values, especially young adults, as their values will ultimately inform tomorrow’s approaches to solving global
  • connecting knowledge with action, believing that knowledge gains value when translated into action—while also recognizing the inherent value of knowledge for its own sake.
  • strength in diversity, believing that diverse individual/institutional perspectives, beliefs and experience contribute in essential ways to our mission.
  • the power of networking and exchange with global cultures, leaders, students, businesses, institutions, and governments; and
  • exceptional hospitality to visitors from foreign countries and cultures.


Founded in 1965 to assist foreign visitors, CIR has grown rapidly in recent years, both expanding and enhancing its activities. It is New Mexico’s only affiliate with the World Affairs Councils of America, and one of two New Mexico affiliates of the National Council for International Visitors. CIR’s multi-faceted programs are designed to stimulate interest in and help educate members, students and the community about current foreign affairs issues that affect the United States. Activities include active participation in the International Lecture Series, World Affairs Discussions, and various programs for U.S. Government-sponsored and U.S. Embassy-selected international visitors.

The organization is supported by a volunteer President and Board of Directors, an Executive Director (Sandy), a Program Officer for IVLP (Brent),  and a Program Officer for Events (Susan)—read our bios here—and by countless volunteers (thank you!) and student interns.