Ambassador Avis Bohlen to Speak on Diplomacy and Nonproliferation

Amb BohlenLocation: The Forum, College of Santa Fe

Title: Diplomacy and Nonproliferation

Speaker: Ambassador Avis Bohlen, the American Academy of Diplomacy

Cost: $15 Members; $20 Non-members & Guests

This event is presented in collaboration with the American Academy of Diplomacy.

The prospect of Iran becoming a nuclear weapons state, the possibility that a terrorist group will gain access to nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction, or the prospect of an increasingly destabilized Pakistan—a nuclear armed country—all make avoiding nuclear proliferation one of America’s highest priorities. How can diplomacy prevent the spread of nuclear weapons? Specifically what progress has president Obama and the administration made in negotiating a successor to START I treaty with Russia? What impact, if any will an evolving U.S.-Russia relationships have on an Iranian nuclear program? What are the lessons to be learned from the experience of negotiating a successor to START I treaty, and is there a disconnect between the administration’s “Global Zero” nonproliferation agenda and global realities?

To discuss these issues, CFIS/AIA and the American Academy of Diplomacy present a lecture featuring Ambassador Avis Bohlen. Ambassador Bohlen served for 25 years as a career Foreign Service officer with the U.S. Department of State, and was the Assistant Secretary for Arms Control (1999-2002) and Ambassador to Bulgaria (1996-1999). She also held several positions within the State Department’s Bureau of European Affairs, including Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe in charge of Security Issues. Ambassador Avis Bohlen currently teaches at the Georgetown University. She will discuss, among other things, the unique role the diplomacy plays in working towards reducing the nuclear arsenals of the US and Russia, and what possible limits to diplomacy exist vis-à-vis Iran.

Student attendance is FREE with proper identification.
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