Information about Spotlight Lectures

Tuesday, June 2

5:30 pm, Unitarian Universalist Church of Santa Fe, 107 W. Barcelona Road at Don Gaspar Street.

Diplomacy of Change, John Dobson, PhD.

The CIR Spotlight on China opens with a free presentation, entitled “Diplomacy of Change,” with John Dobson, PhD.  What are the significant events that have shaped Chinese-American relations since 1782?  Dr. Dobson will look at U.S. relations with China focusing on historical trade, political and social factors that have contributed to the emergence of today’s China.  Dr. Dobson is an historian, Professor Emeritus at Oklahoma State University and a CIR Director and Chair of CIR’s International Lecture Series. 

FREE kick-off presentation.  No reservations required.  Tickets for the Spotlight Lectures and Workshops may be purchased at this Spotlight Lecture.

Thursday, June 4

9 am – Noon, Santa Fe Community College, Jemez Rooms.

Economics of Change: Historical & Current Economic Implications on Society & Politics, Paul Trescott, PhD.

A Professor Emeritus in economics (retired from active teaching at Southern Illinois University), Dr. Trescott will present a Spotlight Lecture describing why and how China transformed herself from authoritarian communism to a burgeoning market-driven state.  Key factors in that transformation were a relaxation of central controls, the extraordinary success of the export trade, the rise of capitalist-style entrepreneurs and improved trading relations as signaled by China’s recent admission to the World Trade Organization.

Friday, June 5

1 – 4 pm, Santa Fe Community College, Jemez Rooms.

Politics of Change: Politics, Ethnicities and Cultural Legacies, Steve MacKinnon, PhD.

A contemporary historian and professor at Arizona State University, Dr. MacKinnon, will focus his Spotlight Lecture on the societal and cultural changes that have occurred and continue to occur as China’s economy opens to the rest of the world.  He will cover topics such as the role of education, the uneven distribution of wealth, the rural poverty crisis, the evolving political structure, and the environmental impacts in 21st century China.

Saturday, June 6

9 – 10:30 am, Santa Fe Community College, Jemez Rooms.

Culture of Change: Chinese Celebrations, Crafts Development and Impact on Rural Economics and Social Structure, Visiting Professor Kitty Trescott.

Mrs. Trescott lectures on Chinese history and culture and is a visiting professor at multiple Chinese universities.  She will thoroughly engage you in this participatory Spotlight Lecture using some of her collection of Chinese art displayed at the China Spotlight.  A must Spotlight Lecture if you plan to visit China anytime soon so you are aware of customs, culture and crafts, and a perfect precursor to the Teacher/Parent Workshop.

Saturday, June 6

11 am – 1 pm, Santa Fe Community College, Jemez Rooms.

The Business of Change: Business in and with China, panel moderated by Santa Fe’s favorite columnist, Bill Stewart.  

Professors Trescott, MacKinnon and Dobson will join Darby McQuade, founder and CEO of Santa Fe landmark, Jackalope, in a wide-open discussion.  Doing business in China is possible and always challenging.  There are formalities that transcend the economic and political realities of Modern China.  The Long March has not ended just at Walmart and this session extends the possibilities to our local business community against the context of politics, culture and social norms that have been presented by our visiting scholars.