Information about Spotlight Workshops

Thursday, June 4

1 – 4 pm.  Santa Fe Community College, Jemez Rooms.  (Choose one of the two Workshops listed below)

Mandarin & Calligraphy 101.  An immersive class where participants will practice Mandarin language and calligraphy with Fumei Tsai, a local instructor, while discussing the development of Chinese language and writing.  You may not produce a frameable scroll, but you will have fun practicing!

Experience China.  It may be far away, but travel to China is not out of reach.  Local experts will talk on how to plan a trip to China, explain the efforts to sustain local crafts, provide an overview of Chinese textiles and delight you with a travelogue.

Friday, June 5

9 am – Noon.  Santa Fe Community College, Jemez Rooms.  (Choose the Oriental Medicine Workshop described below or the Taste of China Cooking Class)

Oriental Medicine.  Many aspects of Chinese culture have been integrated into current and accepted medical practice.  Written documents from China, describing the use of acupuncture and herbs, date back to about 1,500 BCE.  Archeological evidence of medicinal herbs and acupuncture needles date back to about 5,000 BCE.  Faculty from the UNM Health Sciences Center will discuss the Yellow Emperor’s Classic, the 400 to 200 BCE treatise on health and healing, and describe the external therapies and techniques prescribed.

Saturday, June 6

11 am – 1 pm.  Santa Fe Community College, Jemez Rooms.   (Choose the Teacher/Parent Workshop described below or the Business of Change Panel Discussion)

Teacher/Parent Workshop – Engaging Students with China:  Putting a Bit of China into the Home or Classroom, Visiting Professor Kitty Trescott.

Armed with samples, examples and how-tos, Mrs. Trescott will make any individual successful in presenting different aspects of Chinese culture to students of any age.  Be prepared to don your own Chinese hat, learn how to make a Mandarin coat from a t-shirt, practice more calligraphy and take home lots of lessons to use with your students, children or visiting grandchildren.