Purchase Spotlight Lecture/Workshop Tickets

Tickets are required for the following lectures

  • Thursday, June 4th,  9 am, Economics of Change, Paul Trescott, PhD
  • Friday, June 5th, 1 pm, Politics of Change, Steve MacKinnon, PhD
  • Saturday, June 6th, 9 am, Culture of Change, Kitty Trescott
  • Saturday, June 6th, 11 am, Business of Change, Panel Discussion Moderated by Bill Stewart

The tickets can also be used for the following workshops  [Note that the first two workshops overlap, the Oriental Medicine workshop occurs at the same time as the cooking class and the Panel Discussion overlaps with the last workshop.  You will need to decide which events to attend.]

  • Thursday, June 4th,  1 pm, Mandarin & Calligraphy 101
  • Thursday, June 4th,  1 pm, Experience China
  • Friday, June 5th, 9 am, Oriental Medicine
  • Saturday, June 6th, 11 am, Engaging Students with China  

Tickets are $20 for each event or $95 for a package of six (6) tickets.  [Six is the maximum that one person can attend.]  The tickets may be purchased at SFCC.  

Check at SFCC about the availability of tickets for the CIR Member Party at MOIFA and the Taste of China Cooking Class.

Links to Maps of Activity Locations

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