Book Club explores Development of Political Systems

March 2015 Book Selection:

Political Order and Political Decay

Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy

by Francis Fukuyama

For our next selection we will read a new book about the development of political systems from the industrial revolution up to the present. Dr. Fukuyama is regarded as a leader and noted author on issues in development and international politics.

This recently published book is a sequel and companion to his “The Origins of Political Order” (2011).  He currently holds a chair and is a senior fellow at Stanford and has taught at John Hopkins, George Mason and Harvard; he served on the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff and on the President’s Policy Council.  Quoting from reviews in the NY Times and the Washington Post, “….an author at the peak of analytical and literary powers. …He is both a perceptive analyst and a wonderful storyteller.  Clearly, something has gone haywire in our world; serious political science is not supposed to be so enjoyable.”

In checking out reviews, I find this to be a long book (over 600 pages with intro, bibliography and index ) so I suggest we read Parts 1 and 2 for our March 3 meeting and the remaining Parts 3 and 4 for our May 5 meeting.  The book is available at Amazon for $21.58, $14.99 for Kindle and may be available at the library.  Although long it’s supposed to be quite readable and entertaining (if you like insights about political development) and has intriguing explanations of problems and failures of building strong state capacities in Latin America.  I think this will be another good book for our understanding of world affairs and I’m looking forward to reading and discussing with you.

Meetings of the CIR Book Club are held at the CIR Office: 413 Grant Avenue, Suite D.  The office is north of Paseo de Perlata and right next to the concrete bridge that joins Grant with Rosario Street. Refreshments are welcome.  Call Lee Berry, Book Club Coordinator, for more information: 986-8552.