The Broken Border: Reconnecting the Camino Real

The border separating the United States and Mexico runs through the very heart of the continent’s future. It is a politically charged border, one of great complexity, human drama, and global trade. And these many border dynamics have a direct influence and impact on Santa Fe—economically, politically, and morally. Now a self-proclaimed “sanctuary city” protecting undocumented immigrants,… Continue Reading

ABQ Summit on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Are you a high school student interested in Latin American issues? Do you want to learn about innovation and entrepreneurship–and careers open to those with an international focus? Join the Santa Fe Council on International Relations in Albuquerque on August 3rd. We’ll bus Santa Fe students down to ABQ for the “Diplomacy Begins Here!” Summit… Continue Reading

Breaking News Discussion Group

Join us on Friday, June 2nd at 12 p.m. in CIR’s conference room for the first installment of a new type of discussion group. Bring a newspaper article to the meeting, and you’ll have three minutes to describe the article to the group, including your questions or concerns. Then the group will discuss. Continue Reading