Journalism under Fire: 2019

Our second annual Journalism under Fire conference will take place 14-15 November. This year, we’ll ask, “How is technology shaping the truth?” and we’ll look at social media and fake news; artificial intelligence (like deep fakes); and digital forensics. With speakers from the New York Times and Washington Post, and 26 international journalists here through the U.S. Department of State. Continue Reading

Terence Ward: Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism and America

Terence Ward’s new book The Wahhabi Code: How the Saudis Spread Extremism Globally pulls the mask off Saudi Arabia and presents a conundrum. Few global leaders or journalists have connected the dots or understood that Wahhabism — the ultra-conservative doctrine of Saudi Arabia — is also the core ideology of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Boko Haram. As the Saudis have nurtured the spread of Wahhabism and its lethal ideology throughout the world, they have succeeded in silencing most media criticism…until recently. Continue Reading

Afghan Naan Chaasht: Updates from Afghanistan

Join CIR for a unique luncheon on Monday, April 8th. We’ll bring six Afghans (here as part of our International Visitor Program) together with two experts on US-Afghan relations for a fascinating discussion exploring the many sides of modern Afghanistan. The lunch will be catered by Beyond the Plate, with Afghan women refugees preparing a series of delectable dishes. Continue Reading

Visiting International Journalists: Exchange Circles and Panel Presentation

On Monday, April 15th there are two opportunities to connect with a coming delegation of international journalists. First, we’ll convene a number of Citizen Exchange Circles, where we’ll sit in small groups with the visiting journalists to learn all about the state of journalism in their home countries. And then, that night, we’ll hear from a selection of journalists on the CIR stage in a moderated conversation. What, for instance, are the current challenges for Egyptian, Iraqi, Turkish, and Venezuelan journalists? It promises to be a fantastic day of connection, insight, and exchange. Continue Reading

Dr. Sig Hecker on “What’s Next for North Korea?” with Valerie Plame

2017 was a very dangerous year on the Korean Peninsula, with regular nuclear tests and a war of words with President Trump – from “dotard” to “Little Rocket Man”. However, rapid North/South rapprochement and the Singapore Kim/Trump Summit in 2018 dramatically lowered tensions and the threat of war on the Korean Peninsula – creating space and time to pursue diplomatic solutions. Dr. Hecker will review the current status of diplomacy and nuclear developments and look ahead after the second Kim/Trump Summit scheduled for the end of February. Continue Reading

Regional Briefing Luncheon: Latin America

Join CIR for our very first Regional Briefing Luncheon, where we’ll take a deep dive into the issues defining our neighbors to the south. How will Venezuela’s current crisis end: with a coup, massive emigration – or worse? How will the election of the far-right Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil reshape that leading country and economy? Continue Reading