The Russia Disruption: Special Livestream Series

Since 2016, Russia has become an extremely effective disruptor. From its social media “firehose of falsehood” to its recent Solar Winds hacking of U.S. government agencies to its interference in the 2016 U.S. election to its nefarious clampdown on domestic opposition, Russia’s leaders have played exceptionally divisive and explosive cards on the world stage. But what will Russia do next? In reflecting on years of its disruption, what does the future hold? How vulnerable is the U.S. to information gleaned during the Solar Winds hack, and how can we use a better understanding of Russia to better protect our democracy, our world — and ourselves? Continue Reading

The Amb. Huddleston Lectures

Amb. Vicki Huddleston, a member of the CIR Board of Directors, will offer a four-part lecture series over the fall. Join us! She’s a fantastic story-teller who will weave history, politics, and her own personal experiences in exploring the Indian Ocean and the African continent on four distinct but connected topics. Continue Reading

Journalism under Fire

Our second annual Journalism under Fire conference will take place 14-15 November. This year, we’ll ask, “How is technology shaping the truth?” and we’ll look at social media and fake news; artificial intelligence (like deep fakes); and digital forensics. With speakers from the New York Times and Washington Post, and 26 international journalists here through the U.S. Department of State. Continue Reading

The Problem of Iran

After the killing of Gen. Qassem Suleimani, the United States and Iran almost went to war. While both sides have temporarily de-escalated, Washington and Tehran remain on a collision course and the likelihood of a military confrontation remains extremely high. This moderated luncheon conversation between Dr. Nader Hashemi (Korbel School at the University of Denver) and Amb. Vicki Huddleston will examine the crisis in US-Iran relations during the Trump Administration. Continue Reading

Impeaching a President

Join CIR for a fascinating luncheon event on Monday, February 3rd at Hotel Santa Fe. Retired Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) will react and respond to the pending Senate trial of… Continue Reading

War with Iran?

Join CIR for a special evening of discussion on today’s most pressing challenge to the global order and U.S. foreign policy: will there be war with Iran? What are the implications and risks of assassinating foreign leaders? What are Iran’s strategic options now? And how did we get to the brink of war? Leading the discussion will be Amb. Vicki Huddleston, who will bring her decades of diplomatic experience and insights to bear on this weighty issue. Joining her will be Dr. Emile Nakhleh and Dr. Todd Greentree. This truly exceptional panel of experts will each bring a different but complimentary perspective. Continue Reading

2020 Great Decisions – SJ

Great Decisions is the country’s largest discussion program on world affairs. The program provides background information and policy options for eight of the most critical issues facing America each year and serves as the focal text for discussion groups across the country. The program model involves reading the Great Decisions Briefing Book, and then attending a monthly discussion group. Each monthly session will address one of the eight selected topics and includes a half hour introductory video and then a speaker presentation on the topic. Continue Reading

Limits to Internet Growth

The Internet is the largest thing that humanity has built. A Huawei consultant predicts that by 2030, communications technologies could consume 51% of global electricity and emit 23% of greenhouse gas emissions. And yet, the Internet’s footprint remains largely invisible and unregulated. Katie Singer will report on the Internet’s main energy guzzlers and some of the toxic waste-emitting supply chains of each smartphone’s 1000+ substances. She’ll also spell out how manufacturers, service providers, policy makers and individuals can each do their part to reduce the Internet’s footprint. Continue Reading