The Future of CIR: A Free Luncheon

Want to learn about the exciting current and future directions for CIR? What will CIR look like in 2023 — and what’s the bridge to get us there? Join us for a free lunch on Tuesday, June 4th to learn all about our vision and our plans, and how you can help us achieve this… Continue Reading

Dr. Sig Hecker on “What’s Next for North Korea?” with Valerie Plame

2017 was a very dangerous year on the Korean Peninsula, with regular nuclear tests and a war of words with President Trump – from “dotard” to “Little Rocket Man”. However, rapid North/South rapprochement and the Singapore Kim/Trump Summit in 2018 dramatically lowered tensions and the threat of war on the Korean Peninsula – creating space and time to pursue diplomatic solutions. Dr. Hecker will review the current status of diplomacy and nuclear developments and look ahead after the second Kim/Trump Summit scheduled for the end of February. Continue Reading

Regional Briefing Luncheon: Latin America

Join CIR for our very first Regional Briefing Luncheon, where we’ll take a deep dive into the issues defining our neighbors to the south. How will Venezuela’s current crisis end: with a coup, massive emigration – or worse? How will the election of the far-right Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil reshape that leading country and economy? Continue Reading

A Savage Order Book Signing

The most violent places in the world today are not at war. They are buckling under a maelstrom of gangs, organized crime, political conflict, and state brutality. More people have died in Mexico in recent years than in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Such devastating violence can feel hopeless. Yet multiple places once suffused with bloodshed have since recovered. Join the author in discussion. Continue Reading

Journalism under Fire

In December 2018, the Santa Fe Council on International Relations staged the inaugural Journalism under Fire. Due to the great success of the event, we now plan on staging it every year. This page serves as an archive documenting the event; all pages related to this initial conference can be found here. The 2019 Journalism under Fire conference will take… Continue Reading

Great Decisions 2019

Great Decisions is the country’s largest discussion program on world affairs. The program provides background information and policy options for eight of the most critical issues facing America each year and serves as the focal text for discussion groups across the country. Continue Reading