CIR Internship Opportunities – 2018-19

Abelino Fernandez-Leger, winner of the CIR Intern of the Year award at CIR’s 2017 Gala.

CIR awards internship opportunities to college and high school students. For 2018, CIR will offer four internship opportunities over the summer months (for either high school or college students), and 3 internship opportunities over the 2018-19 school year (for high school students). All internship opportunities are unpaid, though outstanding interns may be given a one-time cash award to recognize their valuable service to the organization.

Download the Intern Application form here. Deadline to submit is Friday, May 4 2018.

For the summer months, specific internship opportunities include:

  • 2 interns working with the International Visitor (IV) program. They will report to CIR’s International Visitors Program Officer; will assist with proposals for future IV programs; escort IVs in their professional meetings around northern New Mexico; assist the Program Officer in all tasks as required.
  • 1 intern working on CIR’s high school and college education programs. S/he will report to CIR’s Executive Director, and will assist in program development and execution in any way as appropriate.
  • 1 intern working on at-large issues, including working on global water issues (through CIR’s emerging partnership with Just Add Water), website, communications, database, and so on. S/he will report to CIR’s Executive Director.

CIR expects a minimum of 25 hours a week in performing the above tasks.

For the 2018-19 school year, specific opportunities include:

  • 3 interns working on at-large issues. As intern availability will vary throughout the year, CIR will assign tasks as needed.
  • The CIR High School Fellowship. For details and the application process, please visit

All CIR Interns must follow the rules and standards as set out in CIR’s Personnel Manual. They must sign a Media Release Form and CIR’s Sexual Harassment Policy. An intern will be given office space and a computer (as needed), and have full access to CIR’s kitchen, printer etc. CIR Interns are expected to attend as many CIR public events as possible; note these are often in the late afternoon or weekends. At the conclusion of the internship, interns will be awarded a CIR Internship Certificate and a formal recommendation letter that can be used for college application purposes.

Internship Application Requirements

  • 300-500 word essay outlining the applicant’s relevant past, future goals, global interests/travels, and how they expect the CIR internship to contribute to those goals;
  • A brief statement outlining which CIR program the applicant would like to work on and why.

Interested applicants should submit answers to the above questions by Friday, May 4th 2018 to Sandy at