CIR Picnic for Potluck Dinner Participants

potluckfoodpicThis picnic is only for Members who are participating in the potluck dinners.  It has been scheduled in order for participants to coordinate their groups and get to know each other.  

If interested, please email Steve Kutay, Membership Committee Chairman.

If you are interested in joining the potluck dinners, now is the time to get involved.  As of now, we have around eight groups up and running.  The dinners take place around once every 4−6 weeks at Members’ homes. Members provide their homes for groups of 7-8 people on a revolving basis. The make-up of the dinner groups will keep changing so that CIR Members would get to break bread with a widening group of people. There is no cost involved for these dinners but participants are asked to bring their fair share of food and drink.  Contact Steve for more information.