CIR Special Event: Study Group on Iran

Topic:  Iran – Engagement, Coercion and the Nuclear Challenge

Speaker:  Dr. Barry Blechman

Location:  The Forum, Santa Fe University of Art and Design, 1600 St. Michael’s Drive

Cost:  $15 CIR Members

$20 Non-members

About the Iran Study Group:
Convened under the direction of the Stimson Center and the United States Institute of Peace, the Joint Study Group on U.S.-Iran Policy has concluded in its report Engagement, Coercion and Iran’s Nuclear Challenge, that U.S.-Iran policy has been long on the tactics and techniques of sanctions,and short on a clear, coherent, strategic vision of the kind of U.S.-Iranian relationship Washington ultimately wants. Without defining that vision – and the most effective balance of incentives and punitive measures needed to get there – U.S. policy toward Iran will continue to drift toward a choice between two unpalatable outcomes:  the use of military force or policies that seek to contain and deter Iran after it has succeeded in acquiring a nuclear weapons capability.

The group of 40 distinguished scholars and policy analysts has concluded that the administration must rebalance its dual-track approach to be effective in future relations with Iran. Seeking to chart a more promising course, the study group argues for a policy of “strategic engagement.”

Strategic engagement will face many hurdles.  If it does not succeed, the measures set out in this report will provide a foundation for a policy of deterrence and dissuasion.  If, however, strategic engagement helps to advance a comprehensive solution to the escalating stand-off with Iran, it will be far preferable to a march toward war, or to a policy directed at deterring Iran after it has succeeded in acquiring a nuclear-weapons capability.

The final report of the Iran Study Group, Engagement, Coercion, and Iran’s Nuclear Challenge, can be found here.

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