CIR Special Event on the Arab Spring

Location:  The Forum, Santa Fe University of Art & Design

Loca tion: 1600 St. Michael’s Drive

Cost:  $15 CIR Members; $20 Non-members & Guests

Change of Speakers for Arab Spring on Wednesday, April 4th

New Speaker: Thomas Garrett, Vice President for Programs of the International Republican Institute

There has been a last-minute change of speakers for the CIR special event on the Arab Spring that will take place next Wednesday, April 4. The scheduled speakers for our event, Kenneth Wollack and Lorne Craner, will not be able to attend. We have instead arranged for the appearance of Thomas Garrett, who is the Vice President for Programs of the International Republican Institute. Mr. Garrett has served in that post since 2009. Before that time, he worked for many years in several of IRI’s offices around the world, including Ukraine, Mongolia and Indonesia, and conducted election-observation missions in numerous additional countries in Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere. From 2005 to 2009, he was IRI’s Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa. Since the onset of the uprisings last year in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria, Mr. Garrett has served as IRI’s principal liaison with its field offices in those countries, and has made several trips to these offices to gather in-depth reports on what has been taking place and the probable course of future events. He will discuss with us his observations and findings.

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