CIR High School Fellows

CIR’s 2017-18 first-ever High School Fellow, Ali Caraveo

The CIR High School Fellowship Program provides high school students in the public system with the opportunity to learn from the foremost international relations organization in Santa Fe. Through a tailored approach to meet the needs of each fellow, CIR supports outstanding students to explore specific academic, professional, and individual goals. These fellowships provide opportunities to network and form relationships with leaders in the field, learn research and professional skills, gain leadership skills, develop cultural competencies, engage with international visitors, explore future educational possibilities, and acquire internship skills in a nonprofit environment—with the explicit goals of expanding horizons and opening possibilities.


This year, CIR is thrilled to welcome six High School Fellows from across northern New Mexico.



Lauren Clinton is a sophomore at Santa Fe High School. She is interested in global connectivity and improving quality of life around the world. In her free time, Lauren loves to listen to music, hike, read, and spend time with friends.

Jammes Crowther (photo to come) is a sophomore at Mandela International Magnet School in Santa Fe. He is interested in foreign affairs and economic effects of globalization. Jammes is a member of his school’s Model UN and has a mentorship in investment and finance. Outside school, his other interests include fashion, music, martial arts and theater.

Gabriella Ervin (photo to come) is a sophomore at Mandela International Magnet School. She is interested in studying conflict resolution and global health. Outside of school, Gabriella enjoys acting in her school’s theater group, skiing with friends, and spending time with family.

Sam Gilbert is a senior at Santa Fe Preparatory School. He is in advanced Spanish and and has researched the effects of American diplomacy in the Western Hemisphere. Specifically, Sam’s previous research has focused on the Monroe Doctrine and the “Good Neighbor” policy in Latin America.





Sophia Lussiez, photo and bio to come!

Lilia Martinez, photo and bio to come!

Jonah Molina is a senior at ASK Academy, a charter school, in his hometown of Rio Rancho, NM. He is also concurrently enrolled at Central New Mexico Community College, studying to obtain his Associate’s degree in political science. Jonah was previously the vice president of his school’s Model UN team and is currently a senior ambassador, teaching underclassman about the United Nations. His concentration of study is European economic and political affairs.





 Emani Rosales is a sophomore at Santa Fe’s Capital High School. She has previously participated in the Georgia O’Keeffe art program and is passionate about equality for women. Outside of school, Emani enjoys baking, sewing, knitting and hanging out with her siblings.







Neha Sadasivan
is a junior at Los Alamos High School in Los Alamos, New Mexico. She is interested in political science and international affairs, and participates in speech and debate and symphonic orchestra in her free time. She loves to read and dance as well as listen to music and hang out with her friends.





All CIR fellows:

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings at the CIR office;
  • Attend CIR community education events where and when possible;
  • Contribute to the design and delivery of CIR’s education programs, including in particular the annual policy simulation;
  • Accompany CIR’s international visitors where and when appropriate;
  • In concert with CIR’s ED and Program Officer, Education, pursue a research project and share its findings at a future community education event.