Economic Impact

Visitors who come to Santa Fe as participants in the International Visitor Leadership Program, the Open World Program and other programs engaged by CIR represent tourist dollars that come into our community from outside the area. As such, they contribute to Santa Fe’s economic base by bringing “new” money here that is recirculated to provide tax revenue to the state several times over.

In 2011, CIR was responsible for bringing 234 visitors to Santa Fe. Each visitor received a per diem and stayed in local hotels a total of 873 nights (number of individuals multiplied by the number of nights a hotel was used). Expense reimbursement and grants associated with these visitors represented $256,400. This figure does not include visitors’ personal expenditures on gifts, souvenirs and other miscellaneous items.

CIR volunteers contributed 14,153 hours. Combined with in-kind contributions, non-monetary donations were valued at $346,590.