Besides the economic impact of the International Visitor Leadership Program and other programs that bring international visitors to our community, the benefits of CIR activities are profound:

  • CIR provides an unparalleled international educational contribution to the community, with about 36 engagements each year.
  • CIR has involved local colleges and high schools by sponsoring meetings, talks and discussion events that engage approximately 400 students and teachers each year.
  • CIR community activities involve about 6,000 local residents each year in educational events, some of which are free to the public.
  • More than 2,000 Santa Feans have enjoyed face-to-face interaction with international visitors who helped shape their view of the world.
  • CIR members’ dedication to its mission is evidenced by their contribution of about 6,000 hours of uncompensated time each year.

In 2011, CIR engaged our community by hosting 40 events, including lectures, World Affairs Discussions, special events,  book club meetings, and social events.