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Terence Ward: Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism and America
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Terence Ward's new book The Wahhabi Code: How the Saudis Spread Extremism Globally pulls the mask off Saudi Arabia and presents a conundrum. Few global leaders or journalists have connected the dots or understood that Wahhabism -- the ultra-conservative doctrine of Saudi Arabia -- is also the core ideology of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and Boko Haram. As the Saudis have nurtured the spread of Wahhabism and its lethal ideology throughout the world, they have succeeded in silencing most media criticism...until recently.
Regional Briefing Luncheon: The Shifting Winds of Trade
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Join CIR on Friday, June 7th for our next Regional Briefing Luncheon, where we'll explore the many shifting winds of global trade. What is the future of the Canada-US trade relationship? Between the US and Mexico? And how will Brexit affect European trade relationships?
Latin American Women's Leadership Luncheon
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On May 24th, we'll welcome 12 outstanding women to Santa Fe, here in the United States through the International Visitors Leadership Program under the thematic of Women as Drivers of Social & Economic Change. Join us for a fascinating luncheon event!!
Dean Cheng on US-China Relations: The Three Nots
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Asia is not Europe. China is not the Soviet Union. And this is not your father’s People’s Liberation Army… What does this mean for US-China relations?
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The State of the Global Climate
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Dr. Donald Hinsman is a Former Director and current Fellow of the World Weather Watch, a major World Meteorological Organization (WMO) programme. His presentation will cover the State of the Global Climate during 2017 and 2018 as described in the WMO’s Annual Statements on Global Climate. The WMO is a member of the United Nations System and is its authoritative voice on the state and behavior of the Earth's atmosphere, its interaction with the oceans, the climate it produces and the resulting distribution of water resources.
Great Decisions 2019
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Great Decisions is the country's largest discussion program on world affairs. The program provides background information and policy options for eight of the most critical issues facing America each year and serves as the focal text for discussion groups across the country.
Lunch and Learn: Solar Energy
Join experts from Positive Energy Solar for an educational event @ Santa Fe Council on International Relations (413 Grant Ave, Ste. D) Tuesday, April 30th, 12PM - 1:30PM. This is a FREE event, open to the public (but must RSVP due to limited space). Lunch provided!
The Trial of Chapo Guzman
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Join CIR for a talk from the always fascinating Mike Vigil. He'll provide a historical overview of the rise of El Chapo Guzman and his final capture. He'll discuss El Chapo's many prison escapes, secretive extradition, and bombshell trial in the Southern District of New York. And he'll offer some thoughts on what comes next for the Sinaloa Cartel without El Chapo at the helm.
Visiting International Journalists: Exchange Circles and Panel Presentation
On Monday, April 15th there are two opportunities to connect with a coming delegation of international journalists. First, we'll convene a number of Citizen Exchange Circles, where we'll sit in small groups with the visiting journalists to learn all about the state of journalism in their home countries. And then, that night, we'll hear from a selection of journalists on the CIR stage in a moderated conversation. What, for instance, are the current challenges for Egyptian, Iraqi, Turkish, and Venezuelan journalists? It promises to be a fantastic day of connection, insight, and exchange.