Dinner and Fun – WorldQuest 2012

A College Bowl-style Game of International Trivia


Where: Jemez Rooms, Santa Fe Community College

6401 Richards Ave.


Registration Time: 5:45

Dinner Program: 6:15—9:00

Join us for WorldQuest 2012, a College Bowl-style game of international trivia, played in teams of eight. Answers are submitted by teams, not individuals. It’s a fun way to test your knowledge of international issues.

Who can play? Anyone can play WorldQuest. Teams of eight may be formed by businesses, schools, clubs or groups of friends. If you want to play but don’t have a team, we will find a team for you.

How is WorldQuest played? The game is played in four rounds of 25 questions each. Your team has 30 seconds to answer each question. Answer sheets are submitted at the end of each round. In the event of a tie, a sudden death round will be played. The winners’ trophy goes to the team with the highest number of points at the end of the four rounds.

What kind of questions will be asked? The questions will be timely and relevant, covering topics such as international politics, current events, economics, geography and culture. Questions will cover all parts of the globe, so teams with a geographic balance of expertise will have an advantage.

You may also wish to sponsor a student to participate in WorldQuest 2012 for $50. Your support will be acknowledged at the event.

So form a team with your smartest friends and family members, or join a team and propel it to the winner’s circle using your dazzling grasp of world affairs! Register for this event below or by calling the CIR Office: 982-4931. If you are creating a team or joining an existing team, please provide the name of the team in the shopping cart “Comments or special instructions” box during checkout. Teams consist of eight people.