Europe Day in Santa Fe – Ambassador Brito’s Talk

Location: Bishop’s Lodge, 1297 Bishops Lodge Rd

EU Day Dinner and a Movie Panel Ambassador Brito

H.E. Nuno Brito, the Ambassador of Portugal to the United States, presented his letters of credence to President Barak Obama on February 23rd, 2011.  Previously, Nuno Brito had been the Political Director of Portugal and co-chair of the Portuguese- US Standing Bilateral Commission since October 2008.

He joined the Portuguese diplomatic service in 1984 and was soon appointed “desk officer” in the Americas Department. In 1987 was posted to the Portuguese Embassy in Washington where he served for the next 6 years, until 1993.

(More Ambassador Brito Biography)


Ambassador Brito’s talk after lunch will address the following issues and will be followed by questions and answers:

  • Current economic, social, and political pressures on selected EU member states.
  • The ambassador’s outlook for the EU’s overall economy and political state.
  • Will the EU remain in its current form?
  • Will one currency remain?
  • Benefits of the status quo?
  • Benefits of returning to separate currencies?
  • Political stability in member states that experiencing political and unemployment challenges?
  • Will a free-trade agreement finally emerge between the EU and US?
  • If so, will it increase trade significantly between these two economies?
  • Will it stimulate the US and New Mexican economies?
  • It is difficult to get a visa to visit the US?
  • If our country adopted friendlier visa policies for EU citizens (as would be expected if a US-EU trade agreement were penned), will more Europeans visit the US as tourists?  Visit New Mexico and Santa Fe?


A program of the World Affairs Councils of America in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to the United States.