The CIR Spotlight

Every month–or let’s say, to be safe, almost every month–CIR will turn its spotlight onto a particular theme or hot topic or country, and then explore it through multiple lenses. First up is our Spotlight on the Koreas:

  • Mr. David Straub, a former foreign service officer with extensive experience in the Koreas (including negotiating with the North Koreans), will join us on Thursday, January 26th at 5:30pm to present to us on “The Korean Peninsula Problem: Back to Basics“. Tickets, a video clip, an academic paper, and other details can be found right here.
  • On Monday, January 30th at 3pm here at CIR, we’ll convene the first meeting of our new Fiction Book Club. Let’s learn about the Koreas from the inside, and understand the culture through story and imagination (as Adm. Stavridis encouraged us to do!). The book will be the Pulitzer-winning “The Orphan Master’s Son” by Adam Johnson. Drop me a line to confirm you’re coming (joining me and our intern Christina in the Club), and let’s get reading!
  • On Monday, January 23rd we’ll have our second Local Lunch, Global Appetite session (following the HUGE success of the first). I’m not sure of the exact topic just yet, but we will spend 30 minutes during it to identify some questions we want to ask Mr. Straub during his talk on the 26th. Stay tuned for more!
  • On Tuesday, January 31st, we will host a dinner-and-a-movie featuring Korean food and a wonderful Korean movie. Details forthcoming, but we hope you’re as excited as we are about this exploration of the Koreas!

Our next Spotlight will be on Turkey. We have two talks coming up in March–on March 2nd we’ll hear from some journalists expelled by the Erdogan regime, and on March 9th we’ll hear from Ross Wilson, former US Ambassador to Turkey! And of course we’ll have a book to read, some Turkish food to eat, and plenty more discussion…