Fall 2011 International Lecture Series – Corruption Around the World


Transparency International defines corruption as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.” Even so, the line between true corruption and generally sanctioned or benign types of behavior depends on who and where interchanges take place. The speakers in this season’s International Lecture Series are keenly aware of both the nuances of and the extent of corruption around the world. They will address the issue from both general and geographically specific points of view as well as discuss what could or should be done to lessen the negative impact of global corruption.

Planned lectures are:

  • Corruption: A Global Overview, Speaker: Laura B. Sherman, August 27
  • Booty Capitalism and Economic Development: The China Corruption Puzzle, Speaker: Dr. Xiaobo Lü, September 24
  • When Good Intentions Fuel More Corruption: Market Reforms and Crony Capitalism in Latin America and Russia, Speaker: Dr. Luigi Manzetti, October 22
  • Crime and Punishment: Corruption, Foreign Policy and Power Politics, Speaker: Dr. James Russell, November 5

Location:  All lectures will take place at The Forum,

SF University of Art & Design, 1600 St. Michael’s Drive


Cost for each lecture: CIR Members – $15 each or $48 for the series of four lectures; Non-Members & Guests – $20 each.


Full-time students (25 or under) with appropriate identification enrolled at area high schools and colleges are welcome to attend the International Lecture Series for free.


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