Fall 2012 International Lecture Series on Immigration

Immigration Around the World and What We Can Learn From It

Immigration is a topic that’s always current here in the United States, the “nation of immigrants.”  But what about the rest of the world?  People have always moved to escape poverty and violence in their own countries in the hope of finding a better life.  And today an unprecedented movement of people across national borders has been unleashed, spurred by the combination of seemingly ever increasing economic and political turmoil and advances in communications and transportation.

So it’s not surprising that the problem of managing immigration is currently perplexing policy makers in countries around the globe, in Europe, Australia and Russia.   These countries must face the issues that have always arisen from immigration:   ethnic, religious and social conflict, economic disturbance, and political fallout. How do other countries handle the challenges of legal—and illegal—immigration?  How do their problems compare with ours?  And can their experiences provide us with new perspectives to effectively address our own immigration issues?  Our fall lecture series will bring a diverse panel of experts to Santa Fe to examine the question of immigration in the broadest possible international context.

The three lectures of the series are:

August 25 – Who is Moving and Why?  Recent Trends in International Migration

Speaker: Dr. Hania Zlotnik, Director of the Population Division, Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs

September 22 – Immigration in Europe

Speaker: Dr. Joyce Marie Mushaben, University of Missouri

November 10 – Immigration in Canada, Australia and New Zealand

Speaker: Professor Monica Boyd, University of Toronto

Location: Santa Fe Woman’s Club, 1616 Old Pecos Trail

You may purchase event tickets for $15 (CIR Member) and $20 (Non-member/Guest) using Paypal by clicking on the title of the postings or by calling the office at 982-4931.