Global Citizen Passport Program Application


We are not accepting applications at this time.


  • How do I apply?

You may apply by filling out our online application (via google docs), by completing the modifiable pdf and submitting it via email, or in person to the CIR offices located at 413 Grant Avenue, Suite D, Santa Fe.

  • Am I eligible to apply?

All high school juniors and seniors are eligible to apply. Exceptions can be made for outstanding sophomores passionate about becoming a Global Citizen.

  • What is the application process?

Applications must be submitted by Tuesday, October 25th. Applications will be reviewed internally by CIR staff and you will be notified of our decision by the following Wednesday, October 26th.

  • Where is the Global Citizen Passport Program located?

Our sessions will be held at Desert Academy located at 7300 Old Santa Fe Trail. Although the sessions take place at Desert Academy, the GCPP is open to students from all area schools, with participants representing all of Santa Fe.

  • What do I get by participating in the program?

Students will gain a deep understanding of the globalizing world and the values required to underpin a more sustainable, equitable global development—and for their career prospects within a globalizing workforce. They will have a strong sense of their rights and responsibilities as global citizens, and how they can expand and act upon their ideas of belonging, service, and community. Students will receive a Global Citizen Certificate demonstrating their service to the global community that will be a note of achievement for future college and/or job applications. The sessions will also open up many professional connections for the students both locally and internationally. These connections can lead to a variety of opportunities and will help open the door for future work/internships in Santa Fe, around the world, and within the CIR.

  •  Will I get school credit?

At this time the GCPP does not award any credit or partial-credit. However, we remain hopeful that we will be able to offer college credit at some future point.

  • Are all sessions mandatory?

Students are required to attend 6 out of the 7 sessions to obtain a Global Citizen Certificate, although students are encouraged to attend all the GCPP sessions.

  • Can I attend the sessions of my choosing?

Perhaps. If we have 30 students for the course, then there will likely be no availability of individual sessions. However, applicants are encouraged to indicate if they only wish to attend one or more sessions. If available, cost per session is $50.

  • Do you have scholarships and/or a sliding scale available for those in need?

Yes, scholarships and financial-aid are available. See the application form for more.

  • What kind of student are you looking for?

We are looking for students who want to learn about what it means to be a global citizen and have the will to uphold the values of the global citizen. We want students that are committed to work towards a better global future and who demonstrate strong interest in expanding their own worldview.

  • How are sessions organized?

Sessions will begin October 29th from 9:45 am – 4:00 pm. Each day will have an overall theme on the values of a global citizen. Every session will have a variety of professionals coming to speak with the students, interactive work among the students, seminars about the values, etc. Read more about each session here!

  • Who will be teaching the sessions?

The sessions will be led primarily by instructors from Desert Academy (and its International Baccalaureate focus), CIR members, and CIR’s Executive Director, Sandy Campbell. Each session will feature additional guests (e.g. from other nonprofits, government, and the private sector) speaking to how their area of expertise intersects with the Global Citizen.

  • Is supplementary work expected?

Yes, there will be supplementary reading material and online resources for each session. We ask that you dedicate some of your time (around an hour) to completing these materials before each session so that we may begin each unit with some preliminary background knowledge that will directly inform the day.

  • Is food provided?

Yes. We will be providing lunch and refreshments for all students during each session.

  • May parents/relatives attend the Global Citizen Summit?

Yes, both events are open to the public. Tickets will be available when we get closer to each event.

  • Who issues the Global Citizen Certificate?

The mayor of Santa Fe.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We can be reached by phone at 505.982.4931 or by email at