Global Citizen Summit 2017

On Earth Day 2017, students from across northern NM will participate in the Global Citizen Summit. This celebration will feature student music, dance, performance, visual art, food, literature, essays, lectures, and poetry as they examine and explore their distinct global identities.

Over this two-day festival, students will come together with CIR members and the public to celebrate the global citizen within each of us.

During this school year, students will work on a project concerning a global issue or dynamic about which they are particularly passionate. The projects will take different forms, whether it be a piece of visual art, a dance performance, or an essay, with students then presenting these projects throughout the two-day summit. We will hand out prizes and awards for certain projects and will create an anthology of all the students’ work—the Global Citizen Anthology. We hope the summit will serve as an excellent opportunity to deepen our dialogue on all dimensions of the Global Citizen.

Through this program, students will:

  • gain an awareness and understanding of the global citizen, and of the many interrelated global issues facing our planet;
  • learn how to take action in response to these complex global issues—within their own context;
  • have an increased knowledge of conscious consumerism; international mindedness; and how to think globally and act locally;
  • be better prepared for college, internships, and the global workplace.

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We are currently soliciting both business and individual sponsorships for the Summit to ensure the participation of students from across northern New Mexico, and to secure an appropriate venue for the event, along with refreshments and food. Please contact Sandy at <> to discuss how you can be involved in the Summit.

global citizen summit
The Global Citizen Summit 2017