The Global Citizen and Human Rights Day

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The Global Citizen and Human Rights Day
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Students of all ages are invited to join us on December 10, 2016 to commemorate Human Rights Day. Though it has now been 68 years since all members of the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we must still stand up for our rights and our freedoms. Come and join us as we stand together in understanding, discussing, and defending the rights of all people across the globe, whether refugee or migrant, a person with disabilities, an LGBT person, a woman, a child, indigenous peoples, a minority group, or anyone else at risk of discrimination or violence. Come and join us as we reaffirm our common humanity.

ALL STUDENTS MUST REGISTER HERE. Even adult learners, as this will help us anticipate your culinary needs.


“On Human Rights Day, let us recommit to guaranteeing the fundamental freedoms and protecting the human rights of all.” —United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

Beginning at 9am at Desert Academy (7300 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM 87505), we will take a group of up to 75 high school students, middle school students, teachers, and adult learners on an exploration and celebration of human rights. What is a human right? Why is it essential to understand and defend the rights, freedoms, securities, and responsibilities we all bear? What are some examples of human abuses and the international groups working to expose and prevent them? How are human rights violated right here in New Mexico? And how might global citizens learn to take action to defend our common human rights?

Students of all ages are expected to arrive with a short paragraph or story on how their family or families came to the United States or to the country in which they currently reside. Why did they choose to migrate?

The session will conclude at 2:45pm with a catered lunch. Best of all, this event is free for middle and high school students–and for current teachers. Adult learners are requested to make a donation of $45 each. As part of our Global Citizen Passport Program, all students must register to attend. We are bringing in six experts to offer their unique perspectives and on-the-ground experience of defending human rights—globally and here in New Mexico.

Learning Outcomes

During this session, students will:

  • understand the theory and history of a human right;
  • understand how human rights are actively protected around the world through an examination of global leaders and case studies;
  • gain new tools and insights through simulation focused on a human rights dilemma;
  • examine how human rights are threatened in New Mexico; and
  • understand the types of action they might take to reaffirm human rights for all.

Students and faculty will meet at Desert Academy at 8:50am on December 10th. The day concludes at 2:45pm.

Click here for a draft agenda of the day. We’re close to a final agenda, but will likely make a few tweaks here and there over this week.