International Lecture Series on Corruption Lecture #2 – Booty Capitalism and Economic Development: The China Corruption Puzzle

Location:  The Forum, Santa Fe University of Art and Design

1600 St. Michael’s Drive

Title:  Booty Capitalism and Economic Development: The China Corruption Puzzle

Speaker:  Dr. Xiaobo Lü

China is a country with many contradictions.   It is now the world’s second largest economy yet its GDP per capita still ranks relatively low among all nations.   It is ruled by a Communist Party, yet it has one of the most vibrant capitalist economies in the world.   But most puzzling of all is the fact that China seems to have experienced widespread corruption while its economy has kept growing.   In most cases, corruption would hurt the regime’s legitimacy and economic development.   Why, then, is China an exception?   Dr. Lü will discuss patterns of corruption in contemporary China and their consequences.  He will introduce the audience to one of the most significant issues (“of life and death of the Party” as the Chinese Premier put it recently) in contemporary China and help unlock an interesting puzzle in public affairs.

Dr. Xiaobo Lü is Director of the Columbia Global Center in Beijing.   He also is a member of the faculty at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute and at the Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.   Lu’s current research interests include Chinese politics and political economy, East Asian politics and economy, comparative political corruption and governance, political economy of regulation, and politics of development in East Asia.   Previously, he was an assistant professor at Barnard College (1994–2001). Lu is the co-author of Taxation without Representation in Contemporary Rural China and Resistance and Democratization (Cambridge University Press) and the author of Cadres and Corruption: The Organizational Involution of the Chinese Communist Party (Stanford University Press).

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Non-Members & Guests – $20 each

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