Fall 2010 International Lecture Series


Rogues and Rogue Nations is the topic of the Fall 2010 International Lecture Series.  The series of three lectures focus on individuals and nations that are perceived as having failed to abide by or deliberately flouted international standards of conduct.  Two prime examples are Iran and North Korea, both of which appear determined to develop and deploy nuclear weapons as key elements in their military arsenals.  The United Nations has approved a number of economic sanctions and urged its members to impose them on these “rogue” nations.  Although Venezuela has so far avoided such sanctions, at least from the American point of view, it is a less than desirable hemispheric neighbor.  Our speakers are experts on these three nations and on the leaders who currently cause considerable alarm not only in the United States but in many other parts of the world.  The three lectures are:

  • Saturday, August 28 – Iran under Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
  • Saturday, September 18 – Venezuela under Hugo Chavez
  • Saturday, October 9 – North Korea under Kim Jong-il

The last lecture promises to be as interesting and informative as the other two.