Current Interns

The Santa Fe Council on International Relations (CIR) recognizes the invaluable role of interns. Below are current interns who have devoted their time throughout the 2019-2020 academic year. If you are interested in applying for an internship with CIR, please visit our Internships page for more information and access to the internship application.

Nani Detti

Born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Nani left home at 16 to complete her high school education at the Bishop Strachan School in Toronto, Canada. Having always been passionate about human rights, Nani continued her advocacy work by creating awareness about issues such as FGM, early child marriage, honor-based violence and other women’s rights issues. Nani is currently a student at St. John’s College where she has immersed herself in the Great Books Program. She also runs the Amnesty International chapter at the school and was just appointed the Student Activist Coordinator for New Mexico. During her spare time, Nani enjoys going on road trips and reading.

Ushae Stewart

She obtained a BSC in International Relations and Social Psychology from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica. She is interested in learning about global affairs, human rights, and how countries engage in formulating strong relations through different policies. While in Santa Fe, she hopes to become better informed on global relationships in general, the strategies implemented in building and strengthening relationships, and on human rights policies and actions. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering, singing, listening to music, and researching current global issues.

Julia Brock

Sophomore, Scripps College
CIR offers a unique opportunity for students to see how Santa Fe connects to the wider global community; as a CIR intern, I get to facilitate discussions about international affairs and explore Santa Fe’s global role. I am excited to create programs for high school students that focus on nuclear energy and the college application process. I look forward to continuing to develop my knowledge on international affairs and current events throughout my internship and when I return to college, with plans to pursue a career in the Foreign Service after completing my education.

Diego Romero

Senior, UNM
After spending time in the Middle East, I had learned about the Santa Fe Council on International Relations and I was ecstatic to hear that such an organization was here in my hometown! I jumped at the opportunity to get involved with CIR in order to become a part of the diplomatic community here in Santa Fe and to gain invaluable experience for any future career in international relations.

After my internship at CIR, I will finish my undergraduate degree at UNM and hopefully continue to be involved with CIR at any capacity. After that, it is my hope to return to the Middle East where I wish to work in an embassy or consulate as well as work with refugee youth in the Middle East. 

Cody Babcock

Senior, Santa Fe Prep
I am interested in international law and the intricacies of diplomacy. I am interning at CIR to complete my school’s Summer TAP. I am most looking forward to working on the Youth Ambassadors program, an international exchange for youth from Latin America. I am also looking forward to participating in the NextGen Summer Institute. After CIR, I will finish high school at Prep and then begin a Policy/Pre-law program at a university. 

Paul Ellsiepen

Senior, United World College
My activities at CIR combines my interest in global affairs with my motivation to gain working experience. Additionally, I have been working with CIR throughout my Junior year at UWC, e.g. at the “Journalism Under Fire”-Conference, the Annual Policy Simulation, and the AWQ WorldQuest Competition, and wanted to offer my abilities to continue and/or improve the programming of CIR.

Directly after the internship I will complete my second year in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and graduate in May 2020. For the time being I am thinking of studying international affairs, either in the United States or at an international university.