JUF Parallel Sessions

The conference will feature three different time slots for parallel sessions – two on Wednesday the 5th, and one on Friday the 7th. These will feature:

  • sessions in The Movie Room
  • sessions featuring the perspective, expertise, and experience of the 51 visiting international journalists, organized by region
  • sessions exploring conference themes in greater detail and nuance.

Sessions will take place either in the plenary room (the Ballroom) or the listed breakout rooms as below. Rooms are subject to change; check your conference booklet for the latest.

  • PS1: Plenary
  • PS2: Coronado: The Movie Room
  • PS3: Devargas
  • PS4: Peralta
  • PS5: Lamy. Note: this will be the home of The Student Newsroom except during these parallel sessions.

Day 1 Parallel Sessions: Wednesday, December 5th

Session One: 2:25 to 3:15

  • PS1: Dana Priest and Valerie Plame: The Media and the Intelligence Community.
  • PS2: The Movie Room: Lies, Leaks and Consequences. Introduced by Karen Sughrue of Retro Report. This will be followed by a second Retro Report film. Commented on by Scott Armstrong.
  • PS3: Misinformation in the Media: A View from West Africa. Featuring four Edward R Murrow Program Participants (International Journalists). Moderated by Steve Youngblood. The four panelists will be:
    • Mr. Umaru Sanda Amadu (Ghana). Broadcast Journalist, Citi FM/TV.

    • Ms. Christelle Melendje (Côte d’Ivoire). TV Show Host and Journalist, Radio Télévision Ivoirienne.

    • Ms. Matina Tamba Pochi (Cameroon). TV Journalist and Presenter, Cameroon Radio Television.

    • Mr. Olufemi Samson Olanipekun (Nigeria). Head of Station, Rave 91.7FM, Osogbo

  • PS4: Arbana Xharra and Janet Steele – Journalism and Islam: a Conversation.
  • PS5: Misinformation in the Media: A View from Europe and Eurasia. Featuring three Edward R Murrow Program Participants (International Journalists). Moderated by Balint Szalai (Hungary). The three panelists will be:
    • Mr. Karolis Vysniauskas (Lithuania). Journalist, Podcast Producer, and Host, Nanook Multimedia.
    • Mr. Daniel Fazlic (Slovenia). Head of Distribution and Content Distribution, Pro Plus d.o.o.24ur.com.

    • Mr. Thimi Samarxhiu (Albania). Journalist and Editor, “Real Story” program, Vizion Plus TV.

Session Two: 3:30pm – 4:15pm

  • PS1: Olga Yurkova, David Bodney, and Balint Szalai – The Global Fake News Epidemic.
  • PS2: The Movie Room: Frontline: The Facebook Dilemma. Introduced by Dana Priest.
  • PS3: Alex Gorbachev and Victor Oleynik. Press Freedoms in Russia.
  • PS4: Steve Youngblood. They’re coming to rob you, take your job, and ruin our community”: Can peace journalism improve reporting about refugees and immigrants? Worldwide, media coverage of migrants tends to be disproportionately negative and distorted, often portraying immigrants, IDP’s, and refugees as criminals, diseased, and a burden on their host communities. This session will examine coverage of refugees in Turkey and in Europe, and of immigrants (including the recent caravan) by U.S. media. Then, peace journalism, with its goal of rejecting “us vs. them” narratives and not exacerbating conflicts, will be presented as a framework by which media can improve their professional practice in reporting migrants.
  • PS5: Misinformation in the Media: A View from the Western Hemisphere. Featuring three Edward R Murrow Program Participants (International Journalists). Moderated by Todd Greentree. Panelists include:
    • Ms. Lucia Irene Mimiaga Leon (Mexico). Editor, Investigative Unit, El Debate newspaper.

    • Ms. Kendry Paola Serrano Carrera (Colombia). Political Journalist, Colombian Media Wire Service Cooperative, Colprensa.

    • Ms. Barbara Pereira Liborio (Brazil). Editor, Aos Fatos and Canal Meio.

    • Ms. Claudia Merlos Vallejos (Paraguay). Journalist, Diario Última Hora newspaper.

Day 2 Parallel Sessions: Thursday, December 6th

There are none scheduled this day. However, in the afternoon, participants will have the opportunity to speak directly, in small group settings, with the visiting international journalists.

Day 3 Parallel Sessions: Friday, December 7th

Session Three: 1:45 to 2:40

  • PS1: Aaron Cantu, Julie Ann Grimm (both from the Santa Fe Reporter). #J20 Arrested on Inauguration Day. Journalist Aaron Cantu walked along with protesters in Washington DC as Donald Trump was inaugurated president a few blocks away. He ended up in a police kettle, a jail cell and then various courtrooms as he fought eight federal charges that could have landed him in prison for most of the rest of his life. The program is presented as an interview with his editor at the Santa Fe Reporter, Julie Ann Grimm.
  • PS2: The Movie Room: Eternal Harvest: The Legacy of American Bombs in Laos. Introduced by Jerry Redfern and Karen Coates. Between 1964 and 1973, the US carried out the largest bombing campaign in history – in Laos. Eternal Harvest is a documentary film that examines the aftermath. It is about a 10-year-old girl who was killed by a 45-year-old American bomb last year, a Wisconsin grade school principal who dedicates his retirement to clearing bombs, and the dangerous blind spots in American postwar policy. Coates and Redfern will show clips from the film (still in post-production) and lead a discussion that shifts the focus of “journalism under fire” from the journalists to those they cover – and the many ways people are denied a forum to tell their stories.
  • PS3: Misinformation in the Media: A View from Central Africa. Featuring three Edward R Murrow Program Participants (International Journalists). Moderated by Michael Marcotte. The panelists will be:
    • Mr. Mareng Michael Mangong Nhial (South Sudan). Program Producer, Voice of Hope (Internews)
    • Mr. John Alex Otto (Uganda). Senior Parliamentary Reporter, Uganda Radio Network
    • Ms. Penlope Mulenga Kapambwe (Zambia). Reporter, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation
  • PS4: Ann Telnaes, Nikahang Kowsar. The Art of the Political Cartoon: From Idea to Publication
  • PS5: Misinformation in the Media: A View from Asia. Featuring four Edward R Murrow Program Participants (International Journalists). Moderated by Janet Steele. The panelists will be:
    •  Ms. Amartuvshin Amarsaikhan (Mongolia). Journalist and Fact-Checker, Mongolian Center for Investigative Journalism.

    • Mr. Virendra Kumar Tiwari (India). News Editor, Naidunia‑A Unit, Jagran Prakashan Ltd.

    • Mr. Yangesh Raj Pandit (Nepal). Deputy News Co‑Coordinator and Senior Sub Editor, Kantipur Media Group and Kantipur National Daily

    • Mr. Usman Shahid (Pakistan). Producer (Content), Dunya TV.