Korea Night features Korean Barbecue & Award-winning Film – Dongju: Portrait of a Poet

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Korea Night features Korean Barbecue & Award-winning Film – Dongju: Portrait of a Poet
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Korea Night Dinner and Film – Dongju: Portrait of a Poet

Tuesday, January 31, 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Location: CIR conference room, 413 Grant Ave. Suite D
Cost: $45 includes Korean barbecue and film

To continue our Spotlight on the Koreas, CIR presents Korea Night Dinner and Film, featuring a Korean barbecue buffet and the outstanding 2016 South Korean film, Dongju: Portrait of a Poet.

The culinary consultant for our Korean feast is Kim Song, native of Korea, local artist and Korean chef extraordinaire. She will prepare three of her favorite Korean vegetable dishes, including Japchae (Korean sweet potato noodles with stir-fried vegetables) to accompany the Kimchi, Bulgogi Beef and Dak Gui (grilled chicken) prepared by Carlos, the chef behind the popular Bonsai Asian Tacos in Santa Fe. Kim will give us a background on Korean cuisine and tell a few stories of her youth. Brian Goldbeck will also present a brief summary of recent Korean history to set the stage for the film.

In order that our team of chefs will know how much food to prepare, advance reservations are required.

The deadline to reserve for this event is past. If you are still interested in attending, please call the CIR office: 982-4931, ext. 102


Click Here to View Movie Trailer

Dongju: Portrait of a Poet follows the life of poet Yun Dong-Ju (Dec. 30, 1917 – Feb. 16, 1945) who was imprisoned by the Japanese government for being involved in the Korean independence movement. Young Dong-ju wrote poems about the harsh reality of his life during the Japanese colonial era during a period when writing anything in Korean was prohibited. His dream to publish his poems seems out of touch when a Japanese professor recognizes his talent and suggests that he publish in English. But before his work is completed, he and his cousin, Mong Gyu, also a writer and a revolutionary activist, are suspected of anti-Japanese activities.

Dongju is a 2016 South Korean biographical drama released in South Korea in 2016 and directed by Lee Joon-ik, director of The King and The Clown, which became the most successful Korean film ever at the time of its release in 2005. Dongju was the winner of Best Screenplay and Best New Actor at the 37th Blue Dragon Awards and Grand Prize at the 2016 PaekSang Arts Awards.  It is an independent film, filmed in black and white (110 minutes) in Korean with English subtitles.

“As a non Korean, it is very hard to imagine the life of the average Korean person during the era of Japanese colonial rule. Even more so imagine the life of an artist during this time whose talent lies in their writing. The political and social significance that would come with this form of expression during those times makes for a rather compelling human story. This film will give those unfamiliar with the history a small glimpse of what that experience might have been like and remains very interesting on that point alone.” – Tyler Colosimo, The Movie Beat