Lecture by Giday WoldeGabriel, Ethiopian Geologist

Subject:  Earth Science and Human Origins: News from the Very Distant Past

Speaker:  Giday WoldeGabriel

Where: The Forum, College of Santa Fe

             1600 St. Michael’s Dr.

Admission: Free

Los Alamos National Labs scientist Giday WoldeGabriel, an Ethiopian geologist, lives a life that many envy, but few can match. He has been a key player in some of biological anthropology’s most significant discoveries, providing geological and paleo-environmental contexts for a group that has discovered the remains of about half of the known early hominid species—fossils ranging in age from 250,000 to 6 million years old.

WoldeGabriel has been working professionally in Ethiopia since 1976. He is co-leader of the Middle Awash research project, in charge of geological studies. He was a key part of the team responsible for dating Ardipithecus Ramidus at 5.2 to 5.8 million years ago. The various associated studies have opened a new window on the evolution of mammals.

His areas of specialization include field geology, tectonics, volcanology, tephrochronology and tephrochemical analysis. He is responsible for the field collection and chemical analysis of all volcanic samples gathered in Ethiopia’s Middle Awash.

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