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CIR regularly hosts livestream and in-person panel discussions, presentations, dialogues, and luncheons on pressing issues. We also feature dinners, photo presentations, and film screenings to help us better understand the world and its cultures.

Please note that opinions expressed by speakers are solely their own and do not express the views or opinions of CIR. CIR is a nonpartisan convener of talks and does not endorse the commentary, ideas, or opinions of any speaker on the CIR stage.

As COVID-19 continues to produce variants that impact our community, CIR is adopting health and safety measures at all our events to reduce the spread of disease. We will remain flexible and modify our protocol as conditions warrant, including following CDC, Santa Fe and New Mexico guidelines. Read CIR’s COVID policy here.

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Upcoming Events

Monday, October 25, 11:30AM-1:30PM
U.S.-China Relations: What’s at Stake?

Upstairs Meeting Room, Stewart Udall Building on Museum Hill – 725 Camino Lejo, Santa Fe, 87505

Fifty years ago, in April 1971, nine ping-pong players from the U.S. traveled to China, paving the way for President Richard Nixon’s trip to Beijing the following year. Today, relations between the U.S. and China are trending downwards with even the description of the relationship shrouded in ambiguity. Is China a “responsible stakeholder”? A “strategic competitor”? Or something else? While both countries seek to assert their influence and protect their national interests, other nations feel the ripple effects on their economies and, in many cases, their security.

To discuss these issues, CIR welcomes David Firestein, President & CEO of the George H.W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations. A retired career U.S. diplomat, Mr. Firestein is one of our country’s foremost China experts. An author of three books on China and numerous articles, he is, according to the Voice of America’s Mandarin Service, one of the world’s best non-native speakers of Mandarin Chinese.

This is an in-person event, with a delicious boxed luncheon provided. Please note that proof of COVID vaccination is required to attend, as is wearing a mask.

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Wednesday, November 3, 6:00-7:00 PM
The Making of China’s Wolf Warrior Diplomacy:
A Book Talk with Journalist Peter Martin

Much has been written about China’s military strategy but very little about the strategy and motivations of its diplomats. Today, they talk like a superpower and expect to be treated as one. “Wolf Warrior Diplomacy” is the term used to describe the new, more combative approach of China’s interaction with other countries and international organizations. While in the short term it may build domestic support—on balance, is it effective? Or is it instead damaging to China’s reputation? 

Peter Martin, a reporter for Bloomberg News, is now based in Washington, D.C. after a long stint in Beijing. He is the author of China’s Civilian Army: The Making of Wolf Warrior Diplomacy. Having received extensive praise for his writings on this subject from David Ignatius, Evan Osnos and many others, Peter now joins CIR for an in-depth online discussion.

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Tuesday, November 9, 11:30 AM-1:30 PM
The U.S. and Canada: Shared Opportunities and Challenges- with Rachel McCormick, Consul General of Canada to New Mexico

La Terraza at La Fonda on the Plaza, Downtown Santa Fe 

The relationship between Canada and the U.S is sometimes overshadowed by global events occurring elsewhere, leading us perhaps to take the partnership for granted. Issues surrounding border security, trade and energy policy are often sticking points that require extensive negotiations. Just as there can be disagreements around the family Thanksgiving dinner table, so can there be with our closest partner. A recent example is the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline that resulted in severe economic consequences for areas of Western Canada. You may be surprised to learn that there are 51 Canadian-owned businesses in New Mexico—and that our state exports $188 million in services annually north of the border and imports $232 million of goods including lumber, chemicals and food.

Rachel McCormick joins us to tell us more about the relationship and the joint road map for collaboration established between President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau. Rachel is the Consul General of Canada covering the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. She has extensive experience in energy and trade matters, having served as head of the Energy and Environment Section at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C. from 2014-2019.

Presented in partnership with the Consulate General of Canada.

This is an in-person event, with luncheon provided. Please note that proof of COVID vaccination and the wearing of masks is required to attend.

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