Local Lunch, Global Appetite Round 3

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Join us here in the CIR conference room on February 27, 2017 from 12:00-1:30pm for the next installment of our Local Lunch, Global Appetite series. This time around, we’ll keep our focus on the Middle East and discuss the magnificent gateway country of Turkey, where much has changed over the past year. Our moderator John Dobson will provide some introductory remarks to ground us in the history and culture of this fascinating country, and then our conversation will move into questions like: Is the current turn to the right, and to an increasingly non-secular state, temporary–or something much more permanent? Who is Fethullah Gulen and how has this exiled cleric living in small-town USA become such a flashpoint? What will happen to the three million Syrian refugees living in Turkey? Will President Erdogan continue to use them as leverage in his negotiations with Europe?

Another key issue for discussion–which we’ll pick up again on March 2nd at our talk entitled “Turkey in Turmoil: A Journalist’s Story“–is the role of journalism in a democracy. What can we learn about Erdogan’s hardline treatment of the media?

Looking forward to seeing you there! Remember, you must be a CIR member to participate. Happily, joining CIR is simple and painless! Be sure to come on time to get a good seat! And also, to accommodate more people, we will not have tables in the conference room. So, to use one of my favorite new expressions, come fed! or be prepared to eat carefully and creatively. See you on Monday.

Desert Academy’s Brigid Baker, 17, center, celebrates a correct answer Thursday as she and her teammates, Alex Alsop, 17, left, Claire Hinkley, 17, right, and Alex Kellam, 17, participate in the Academic WorldQuest.