Luncheon and Introductory Lecture on Turkey – Now Open to CIR Members & Guests!


Workshop on Turkey – Luncheon and Introductory Lecture on Turkey

Location: Santa Fe Community College, Jemez Room – 6401 Richards Ave.

Cost: $22 General Admission

For the past four years, CIR’s Faculty/Student Committee has organized a springtime introductory workshop and lecture on Turkey for area high school teachers.  This is part of the Teacher’s Study Tour of Turkey sponsored by the Turkish Cultural Foundation in partnership with the World Affairs Council. In the past we have made this a closed session so that we could concentrate and focus on the teachers, and we remain committed to that goal; but we have received some requests to open up the lecture and luncheon for general admission.

This year we are opening up the luncheon to the CIR members and guests who are interested in the history of Turkey, who want to enjoy high quality Turkish cuisine, and would like to meet and support some local teachers who are interested in international education. Seating is limited so be sure to make your reservation soon.

The first part of the program is a lecture on the history of Turkey presented by the President of CIR, Dr. John Dobson.  In his conversational, congenial tone, John makes use of great visuals and commentary to take us from Helen of Troy to the Ottoman Empire to Ataturk.  Dr. Dobson receives high marks from the high school teachers, so we don’t think you will be disappointed.

The second part of the program is a luncheon presented by our famous Turkish Chefs. This year the Turkish Chefs are a group of culinary arts students at Santa Fe Community College lead by Turkish national, Burcu Tuzen.  The students will use a menu like the one below that we used for our luncheon event this past November (see below).  You will be giving the culinary students a chance to test their skills at ethnic cuisine, and in return you will receive a high quality Turkish luncheon.  At our last luncheon, CIR members were so impressed they wanted Burcu Tuzen to open up her own restaurant here in Santa Fe.  We think you will find this very enjoyable.

You may attend either one separately or together.

Jeff Case, PhD. Faculty/Student Chair CIR Board of Directors

*Click on the menu to enlarge the image.