NextGen Summer Institute

The NextGen Summer Institute provides high school students with the opportunity to learn more about international affairs, career opportunities, foreign languages, and local organizations in Santa Fe. The NextGen Leader cohort will meet every Thursday from 1:00 – 4:00 PM from July 11th until August 1st. 

NextGen Leaders will learn about education in emergencies, global health, climate change, and the role of youth in building strong institutions. In addition to these topics, NextGen leaders will also have a 45-minute beginner language class integrated into the Thursday meetings. Each week, NextGen Leaders will study the basics of a different critical world language. Tentatively, the planned language lesson will be Arabic, Russian, and Mandarin. If NextGen Leaders are interested in pursuing additional language lessons, CIR will discuss some resources and opportunities.


NextGen Leaders will have access to many of CIR’s world-class speakers, including many former ambassadors, CEOs, professors, and more. As a small cohort, NextGen Leaders will have the opportunity to network with each other, the speakers, and the broader CIR community at meetings and during CIR events throughout the summer. NextGen Leaders will receive complimentary admission to many of CIR’s summer events and will be able to network with other attendees. The NextGen Summer Institute will also be a strong component to a student’s resume or college application(s). In addition to networking, all NextGen Leaders who successfully complete the program will receive a Global Citizenship Letter signed by Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber that can also be added to students’ resumes and college applications.


Selected NextGen Leaders will attend four meetings from July 11th until August 1st, 2019.

To apply to the NextGen Summer Institute, students should be current high school students (freshmen, sophomore, junior, or seniors as of August 2019) near Santa Fe. NextGen Leaders are expected to attend as many meetings and events as possible, so students must have access to reliable transportation. Applicants for the NextGen Summer Institute must demonstrate an interest in learning more about international affairs.

To apply, download the application at the top of this page and submit your essay as a PDF to

Please note, all NextGen Leaders are unpaid and will not receive a stipend.