NextGenSim 2018

A year ago, a natural disaster devastated Xlandia’s energy infrastructure. While much of the population lives on less than $2 a day, their access to power is now irregular and erratic, and the country has been in turmoil ever since. The World Bank and other international donors recently committed US$ 10 billion to reconstruct the country’s energy portfolio. But how will the country’s stakeholders – its parliamentarians and its various interest groups – decide to spend those funds? What energy sources should the country invest in? Taking the role of local stakeholders, students will encounter the many challenges of moving to a new energy portfolio, all within a very real-world political environment of competing priorities, compromise, activism, deception – and even outright bribery.

Student Identities:

Lobbyists: Oil and Gas Lobbyists; Solar Lobbyists; Hydropower Lobbyists; Nuclear
Lobbyists; Environmental NGO representatives.

Parliamentarians: Elected on a populist platform; Elected on a women’s rights
platform; elected representing indigenous groups; Elected on economic
development/ pro-business platform; Elected running on a poverty reduction

The simulation will unfold over 4 hours. CIR will provide all logistics to lead students through the six major phases of the simulation, including a High Judge and lead facilitator. Beyond an identity as one of the above stakeholders, each  student will also receive a secret personality card to add further intrigue to the  discussions…

This simulation is sponsored by PNM, and connects with CIR’s pending community education series of talks and lectures on “Energy’s Global Future”.