Non-CIR Event: Frances Moore Lappe at United World College

Lecturer:  Frances Moore Lappé

Lecture:  Getting a Grip: Clarity, Creativity, and Courage in a World Gone Mad

Location:  Kluge Auditorium, United World College, Montezuma, NM

Cost:  Open to the public at no cost

Frances Moore Lappé will be discussing her book, Getting a Grip, which sets out a vision of a living democracy that inspires hope and empowerment.

Frances Moore Lappé is the author of 16 books, from Diet for a Small Planet in 1971 to Getting a Grip in 2007. With Anna Lappé, she leads the Small Planet Institute and Small Planet Fund ( She is the recipient of 17 honorary degrees and is cofounder of Food First, the Institute for Food and Development Policy. Gourmet Magazine chose Lappé as among “25 People Who Changed Food in America,” and in 2008 she was the James Beard Foundation’s Humanitarian of the Year. In 1987 Lappé received the Right Livelihood Award, often called the Alternative Nobel.

The lecture is co-sponsored by Amnesty International Las Vegas Chapter #463.

For more information, contact Sharon Seto at (505)454-4206.