Global Citizen Passport Program

Tgcpp-finalhe Global Citizen Passport Program is an innovative partnership between the Santa Fe Council on International Relations (CIR) and Desert Academy that serves students across Santa Fe. It is an intensive 6-day program–to be offered in June, 2017–offering high school students from across northern NM with instruction focused on what it means to be a global citizen. Following successful completion of their Global Citizen Passport, students will receive a formal Global Citizenship Certificate from the City of Santa Fe. Graduates will gain a deep understanding of the globalizing world and the values required to underpin more sustainable, equitable global development—and for their career prospects within a globalizing workforce. They will have a strong sense of their rights and responsibilities as global citizens, and how they can expand and act upon their ideas of belonging, service, and community.

The GCPP is hosted at Desert Academy but open to students across Santa Fe and beyond.

Global citizens are committed to a world of:

human rights * gender equality * peace * environmental stewardship * equal opportunity * cultural diversity * religious pluragcpp-diagrams-tiff-001lism * sustainable economic growth


The Global Citizen

We live in a fast-changing world of interconnection and interdependence. Part of our identity is now increasingly global—as consumers in a global economy, as students in a globalizing society, as individuals in a globalizing workforce. Global citizens know that our choices and actions have consequences for communities at local, regional, national, and international levels; respect and value diversity; have a deep understanding of how the world works; and act to make the world a more equitable and sustainable place.

The Global Citizen Passport Program

Hosted at Desert Academy in June 2017, at the heart of the program are six day-long didactic sessions. Each session will explore a specific global citizen value through theory, case studies, international guest lectures, cultural analysis, games, simulations, multimedia, food, music, and adult-learning modalities. Each session will conclude with a case study and specific considerations (including action items) for New Mexicans.

The Program will grow out of the Global Citizen Summit on Earth Day, 2017. This will provide students—and other members of the Santa Fe community—with a platform to celebrate specific elements of their own cultures and perspectives, and to share what they’ve learned during the program. The Global Citizen Certificate will be awarded a week later at a Gala bringing together CIR members, international visitors, and the students from the GCPP. The mayor of Santa Fe will award Global Citizen Certificates.

Proposed Sessions

  • Session One: The Culture of the Global Citizen. Given the interconnectivity and interdependence of the modern world, what are our responsibilities to each other? To the planet? What values and issues do we seek to promote and explore? Each student will discuss their own culture of origin, and we’ll explore new means of cultural communication, developing empathy for “the other.”
  • Session Two: Leaders of the Global Citizen Movement. Who are some of the leading individuals and organizations across human history espousing global citizen values, from the religious to the political to the social?
  • Session Three: The Values of the Global Citizen: Human Rights. What is a human right? What are examples of human rights codes? Abuses? Complex global dynamics around human rights? How are human rights observed—and violated (e.g. through human trafficking and slavery)—in New Mexico?
  • Session Four: The Values of the Global Citizen: Equal Opportunity and Gender Equality. What is the equality of opportunity and how does this influence our thinking about global poverty? What is gender equality? What are some successful examples of gender equality from around the world—and in New Mexico?
  • Session Five: The Values of the Global Citizen: Sustainable Economic Growth and Environmental Stewardship. How can we best protect the planet as human society continues to proliferate? And what are the consequences of all of this for New Mexico?
  • Session Six: The Values of the Global Citizen: Religious Pluralism and Cultural Diversity. How can we ensure a world of great cultural and religious diversity? How can New Mexicans apply this understanding to their own communities?
  • Session Seven: The Future of the Global Citizen. How can global citizens vote with their dollars? How can today’s students secure tomorrow’s jobs? What specific actions can global citizens take in Santa Fe?

We will select a panel of high-achieving GCPP students to offer a panel discussion at the Beyond Borders International Festival (October 2017) organized by Creative Santa Fe.


Through this program, students will:

  • gain an awareness and understanding of being a global citizen, and of the interrelated global issues facing our planet;
  • learn how to advocate in response to these global issues—within their own context;
  • have an increased knowledge of conscious consumerism; international mindedness; and thinking globally, acting locally;
  • be better prepared for university and the global workplace.

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