CIR proudly presents its newest multimedia feature: podcasts. Below find all our episodes, with many more to come! We will interview all future speakers at CIR, and present these here. Note that there is a link for each podcast below that will take you directly to the episode. Alternatively–so that you never miss another episode!–open your Podcast app on your phone and search for “Santa Fe Council on International Relations.” Then you can download individual episodes to your phone while also subscribing to our feed. Note as well you can find us on iTunes and Google Play.


CIR Speaker Podcasts: 2020

  • Episode 25: Michael Morell. In this episode,  I sit with former acting CIA Director Michael Morell to talk about information flows, the challenges of directing the CIA, and so much more…
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CIR Speaker Podcasts: 2019

  • Episode 24: Student Speeches at CIR’s 2019 Annual Gala. In this episode, we honor and then hear from our 2019 High School Student of the Year, Lauren Clinton, and then our 2019 College Student of the Year, Diego Romero. Introduced by Tacarra Lake, CIR’s Program Officer for Education.
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  • Episode 23: Amb. Christopher Hill. In this episode, Amb. Chris Hill addresses US policy in North Korea, Ukraine, and beyond as the keynote speaker at CIR’s 2019 Annual Gala. Following his keynote, CIR’s Intern Arielle Mattes interviews him, concluding with an audience Q&A.
  • Episode 22: Dr. Rachel Kleinfeld. In this episode, I speak with the brilliant Rachel Kleinfeld about her most recent book, A Savage Order. How do some countries manage to rise out of a past of great violence — while others do not?


Journalism under Fire Podcasts: 2018

  • Episode 1: Dana Priest. This pod features the opening plenary at Journalism under Fire from Dana Priest, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner from the Washington Post. Here, she discusses, “From President Putin to the Santa Fe New Mexican: How Global Censorship Affects Your Life.” Her talk is introduced by Valerie Plame.
  • Episode 2: Dana Priest and Valerie Plame in Conversation. In this pod, we hear about “The Media and the Intelligence Community” through a conversation with Dana Priest (Washington Post) and Valerie Plame (former CIA covert officer). Their brilliant open conversation captures all kinds of fascinating intersections between these two worlds.
  • Episode 3: Security, Persecution, and Exile. In this pod, from the Journalism under Fire stage on December 5th, we present Arbana Xharra (Kosovan investigative journalist), Dr. Courtney Radsch (Advocacy Director for the Committee to Protect Journalists), and Jason Rezaian (correspondent for the Washington Post). Moderated by Sandy Campbell.


CIR Speaker Podcasts: 2017-18

  • Episode 21: The State of the State Department: An Ambassador Roundtable. In late August, I sat with Amb. Vicki Huddleston, Amb. Mark Asquino, and Amb. Pat Hawkins to understand current events at the State Department under newly appointed Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. Is there a plan for the apparent global retreat of the US? What’s happening inside Foggy Bottom? How can we explain the administration’s approach to multilateralism? What’s the big picture in all of this? What have been the effects of “foreign policy by tweet”?
  • Episode 20: Amb. Vicki Huddleston. Last month I had the chance to sit down with the one-and-only Ambassador Vicki Huddleston to talk about her just released book, Our Woman in Havana. In this podcast, she tells a few stories, including how a 6-year-old boy tipped the 2000 US election…
  • Episode 19: Energy’s Global Future: A Panel Discussion. This episode reflects the panel discussion on March 29th 2018 among Gov. Bill RichardsonSen. Jeff Bingaman, and PNM’s Chairman, President, and CEO Pat Vincent-Collawn. How can government and the private sector increasingly work together? What should we know about how other countries are approaching their own energy futures? How can we weigh the environmental considerations into any discussion about energy’s future?
  • Episode 18: Stewart Patrick. In this episode, I sit with Dr. Stewart Patrick from the Council on Foreign Relations. I spoke with him about his fascinating new book, The Sovereignty Wars: Reconciling America with the World, the new/old direction of the current administration vis-a-vis sovereignty, and some of the shifting sands around this topic in the global world order.
  • Episode 17: Dr. Sig Hecker. Just before his dinner speech at Las Campanas Clubhouse, I was able to sit with the extraordinary Dr. Hecker, former director of the Los Alamos National Labs, and a pre-eminent expert on North Korea and its nuclear ambitions. How should President Trump approach the upcoming talks with Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un? What will be the effect of a new Secretary of State? What do the North Koreans really want?
  • Episode 16: Prof. Janet Steele. In this episode, I sit with Professor Janet Steele, author of the new book Mediating Islam, Cosmopolitan Journalisms in Muslim Southeast Asia. We touch on all kinds of topics – including the very different yet fascinating approaches to journalism in Indonesia – just before Prof. Steele took to the CIR stage for a special luncheon. She is an absolutely fantastic speaker – I think we all learned a tremendous amount from her.
  • Episode 15: Prof. Braden Allenby. In this episode, I sit with the brilliant Renaissance Man Braden Allenby, a professor from Arizona State University. His December talk on “The Weaponized Narrative” left CIR members speechless – I saw smoke coming out of several ears in his scorching and dark intellectual take on Russian meddling in US electoral processes, fake news, and our social-media-fed echo chambers…
  • Episode 14: Prof. Martha Crenshaw. In this episode, Stanford University’s Martha Crenshaw and I talk all about ISIS, its future, and the many surprises across the Middle East, from Saudi Arabia to Syria to US foreign policy.
  • Episode 13: Prof. Andrea Stanton. In this episode, I sit with Denver University’s Prof. Andrea Stanton. In celebration of Human Rights Day 2017, we break down all kinds of issues around Islam and human rights – she has some outstanding observations and insights.
  • Episode 12: Soner Cagaptay. In this episode, I sit with Turkey expert Soner Cagaptay, from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. We discuss all kinds of dynamics currently unfolding in Turkey, from its divided populace to its rationally irrational president.
  • Episode 11: Amb. Nicholas Burns. I had the great fortune of sitting with our Annual Gala speaker, former ambassador, State Department #3, and current Harvard professor Nick Burns. We talked all about the current challenges to US global leadership while sitting over coffee at La Posada. He has a brilliant way of summarizing greatly complex subjects…
  • Episode 10: Terry Goddard. As the latest installment in our Broken Border series, I sat with Terry Goddard, the former Attorney General from Arizona. In this episode, we talk about the extreme challenges in a state’s enforcement of the border, including the over-emphasis on stopping human migration and little-to-no emphasis on financial flows. Listen in as Terry talks about, among many other things, his efforts to stop cross-border money laundering.
  • Episode 9: Michael S. Vigil. In this episode, I sit with former DEA undercover agent Mike Vigil. We talk about his efforts in infiltrating Mexican cartels, his interactions with some of the most infamous narcotraficantes, whether a border wall might affect the flow of narcotics, and his thoughts on the future of the war against drugs, especially at the US-Mexico border.
  • Episode 8: Dr. Manuel Montoya. Following his outstanding presentation to CIR in mid-June of 2017, I spoke with Dr. Manuel Montoya (of UNM) about all kinds of things–from magic realism to longitudinal culture to the enchantment economy to some suggested readings. He is truly an intellectual tour-de-force.
  • Episode 7: Liz Fanning. I had the great pleasure of sitting with Liz Fanning for this interview. She’s the founder and director of CorpsAfrica, which takes the Peace Corps idea and adapts it so that Africans can serve (and get to know!) other Africans.
  • Episode 6: Amb. Molly Williamson. Molly and I sat down to discuss the world’s petroleum economy, including some of its greatest challenges and how the U.S. might effectively respond to the opportunities–and the threats.
  • Episode 5: Amb. Susan Ziadeh. I discussed all kinds of things with Amb. Ziadeh, from being a foreign service officer, tp the challenges of being the U.S. ambassador to Qatar, and on the shifting role of women in the Middle East. She is a clear-eyed and wonderful speaker. Date of episode: May 17, 2017.
  • Episode 4: Prof. Howard French. I sat down with Prof. French (Associate Professor of Journalism at Columbia University) and we got to the very bottom of China’s recent ambitions across Africa. A great conversation. Date of episode: May 5, 2017
  • Episode 3: Prof. Nader Hashemi. This podcast features Prof. Hashemi (of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies) discussing the emerging Trump foreign policy in the Middle East. Date of episode: May 1, 2017.
  • Episode 2: Amb. Peter Wittig, the German ambassador to the U.S. This podcast features Amb. Wittig’s opening remarks to CIR on immigration. Date of episode: April 13, 2017.
  • Episode 1: Amb. Ross Wilson. Our ED interviewed Amb. Wilson for his thoughts about Turkey. Date of episode: April 7, 2017