Special Event with Colombian Ambassador Gabriel Silva Lujan

Title:  Latin America’s Emerging View of U.S. Political and Economic Crises

Location: The Forum, Santa Fe University of Art & Design, 1600 St. Michael’s Drive.



How do Latin Americans view the current economic and political crises in the U.S.? Columbian Ambassador Gabriel Silva Lujan will discuss the emerging Latin American perspective on the United States and the implications for U.S.-Hemispheric relations.

Ambassador Silva Lujan will review the cascading set of recent U.S. based events including the financial crisis and the recent melt-down on Washington’s political etiquette and problem solving abilities. It is this situation, he asserts, that make a previously unthinkable question legitimate: Is the U.S. near a systemic implosion? The Ambassador will discuss how, in the midst of these developments, political and economic relations between the U.S. and Latin America may be impacted.

Gabriel Silva Lujan was appointed Colombia’s Ambassdor to the U.S. in August, 2010. Earlier he had played various roles in Colombia’s private and public sectors. He served two Colombian Presidents, one in an advisory capacity, and the second as Minister of Defense. In the second, he played a key role in advancing the Government´s Democratic Security Policy, which helped to dramatically improve public safety and restore confidence in Colombia. As part of this charge, he led an effort to strengthen the technological and combat capacity of the Armed Forces, which resulted in a number of successful operations that weakened the country´s waning guerilla insurgency.