Special Event: Mongolia – Children of Khan

Speakers: Dr. Candace Kaye and Captain Barry N. Kaye (Retired)

Topic: The Children of Khan: A Twenty-Year Perspective of Mongolia

Location: Tipton Hall, Santa Fe University of Art & Design, 1600 St. Michael’s Drive

Once a Soviet satellite state ruled by the communist Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (MPRP), Mongolia underwent a democratic transformation in 1990 after public demonstrations for political pluralism led to the resignation of the MPRP government and a parliamentary democracy under new constitutional rules adopted in 1992.

Twenty years later, the people of Mongolia continue to meet the many challenges of (a) rediscovering their national identity as descendants of Genghis Khan after being ruled by Manchuria, China and Russia for over three hundred years, (b) understanding the reality of a democratic society within an independent, sovereign republic situated between Russia and China, and (c) succeeding in the building a strong economy that includes a strong mining sector potential.

The discussion will be divided into three topics: 1. Children of Genghis Khan, 2. Democracy in Mongolia, 3. The Wolf Economy.

Dr. Candace Kaye (2010-2011 United States Fulbright Teaching and Research Scholar to Mongolia, current consultant to the Ministry of Education of Mongolia, and Open Society International Scholar/Mentor for Mongolia) was the United States Information Agency liaison between the United States Embassy in Beijing and the U.S. Embassy in Ulaan Baatar. She supported Mongolian citizens in their travel as country representatives to the United States to investigate specific processes within a democracy: financial, elective and public media. This initial introduction to Mongolia has motivated her to continue to study, write and present on the country’s energetic dedication to the preservation of transmission of cultural values as the nation continues to interpret democracy.

Captain Barry N. Kaye (Retired, United States Navy) served at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, China as Naval Attaché and was a diplomatic courier to Mongolia.

After the event, join other CIR members or friends for dinner at the Yummy Cafe.  (See Posting)

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