CIR Summer Institute 2021

In summer 2021, CIR offered a fully digital Summer Institute for high school and rising college students across New Mexico. The Summer Institute was held June 21-25, from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm every day via Zoom.

Each day, participants had three 1-hour lessons: an introductory overview to a foreign language; a geopolitical or cultural lesson on the region where the language is spoken; and finally, a professional development session.

The Summer Institute was free to participate and open to students who will be a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, or college freshman as of August 2021.

To participate, students completed an application, including a 500-words-or-less explanation of why they wanted to participate, and how the Summer Institute would benefit them academically and professionally.

Students were then given a Welcome Packet with information about each speaker and supplemental materials to explore, including articles, podcasts, films, books, and videos.

Participants learned languages like Arabic and Portuguese, learned about Arctic Russia and human migration, and practiced interview skills and resume-building. See the complete schedule of sessions below!