The Broken Border: Reconnecting the Camino Real

The Broken Border: Reconnecting the Camino Real

The border separating the United States and Mexico runs through the very heart of the continent’s future. It is a politically charged border, one of great complexity, human drama, and global trade. And these many border dynamics have a direct influence and impact on Santa Fe—economically, politically, and morally. Now a self-proclaimed “sanctuary city” protecting undocumented immigrants, Santa Fe has had a vibrant connection with Mexico City for centuries. Snaking between the two cities is the ancient Camino Real, first a vital link between Native American communities, then the conduit for European exploration and conquest, and now a key corridor for the movement of people and ideas, business and trade, music and food, and religion.

But given the highly charged conversations along the Camino, how will this relationship between the new and old Mexicos change? What can we learn from the Camino Real’s past as we reimagine its future? How might we recast the relationship between two highly complex and modern nation states? What might we do to reconnect the ancient Camino Real?

Join us as, over the remainder of 2017, CIR turns much of our focus to The Broken Border: Reconnecting the Camino Real. Alongside talks featuring world-class experts, we will invite elders to tell us the stories of the Camino, we will invite refugees and immigrants to share their stories of crossing the border along the Camino, we’ll watch documentaries and feature films, we’ll read some excellent literature—and of course we’ll eat the foods and hear the sounds that define the cultures connecting our world with Mexico. While we will still explore other global topics of great importance, we believe it essential to explore the world just down the I-25.

We are currently seeking some underwriters or business sponsors to support the travel of our planned speakers. Contact us today if you’d like to explore these options–you’ll help guarantee the success of the program while providing excellent visibility for your philanthropy or business.

We will continue to update our schedule of Broken Border events over the coming weeks and months. Note that some of the events below are experimental by nature–we’ll add in more events if they prove successful!!!

Event 1: Economics. The Enchantment Economy: Connecting New Mexico along the Camino Real and Beyond. Dr. Manuel Montoya. 6pm, Drury Hotel. Thursday, June 15. More information and tickets here.

Event 2: Storytime Session. Gabrielle Palmer, PhD. Join us to hear Gabrielle’s fascinating stories of living and working up and down the Camino. 12pm, CIR Conference Room. Thursday, June 22. This is a free event.

Event 3: Movietime. Sleep Dealers. This Sundance award-winning sci-fi thriller is packed with stunning visuals and strong social and political themes. Friday, June 23rd. 12pm, CIR Conference Room. This is a free event.

Event 4: Fiction Book Club. Title and exact date TBD.

Event 5: History. Before the Border: Life and Culture along the Camino Real. A panel of local historians will discuss life and culture along the Camino, and what it means for the present day. July–date and venue TBD.

Event 6: Human Migration. A Wall Dividing the Camino? A panel of speakers from across the state will focus on the great challenges for the movement of human beings across the border, with a particular focus on the potential or real impacts of a border wall. July–date and venue TBD.

Event 7: Storytime. We are close to having a very special someone offering stories in July… This is a free event.

Event 8: Movietime. La Frontera. Mark J. Hainds is a naturalist, adventurer, and author from Andalusia, Alabama who quit his job and planned a trek of the Texas – Mexico border that many people thought he would not survive. This is a free event.

Event 9: Economics. Entrepreneurship along the Camino Real and Beyond. CIR has partnered with Global Ties ABQ and the U.S. Department of State to stage this world-class Summit bringing together academics, activists, the State Department, elected representatives, and students. Event website coming shortly. August 3rd. Albuquerque Convention Center.

Event 10: Enforcement. Enforcing the Border: Lessons from the Law. CIR will convene a panel of current and former Attorneys General to share their experiences in enforcing current immigration and drug-policy law. September–date and venue TBD.

Event 11: Technology. Technology along the Camino Real. CIR will convene a panel of experts to discuss the role that technology has played for centuries along the Camino–from the introduction of horses to the advent of spaceships near Truth & Consequences… September–date and venue TBD.

Event 12: Health. Medicines along the Camino Real. CIR will convene another panel of experts to discuss how medicine has always moved up and down the Camino, from curanderas to the current boom of medical tourism. October–date and venue TBD.

Event 13: Journalism. Journalism along the Border. Given our new media environment, what are some of the current challenges for journalists along the border? Join CIR in this panel discussion. October–date and venue TBD.

Event 14: Native America. Native America along the Camino Real. Join us as we discuss the rich history, the perspectives, and the unique challenges for Native Americans along the Camino. November–date and venue TBD.