The Trial of El Chapo Guzman

The Trial of El Chapo Guzman

Who: Former DEA Agent, Mike Vigil

When: Friday, April 26 2019. 12pm – 1:30pm.

Where: CIR Conference Room. 413 Grant Ave, Suite D.

Tickets: Are $5 and available here or at the door

Join CIR for a talk from the always fascinating Mike Vigil. He’ll provide a historical overview of the rise of El Chapo Guzman and his final capture. He’ll discuss El Chapo’s many prison escapes, secretive extradition, and bombshell trial in the Southern District of New York. And he’ll offer some thoughts on what comes next for the Sinaloa Cartel without El Chapo at the helm.



On El Chapo

Michael S. Vigil is a 31-year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and was a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES).  He served as the Special Agent in Charge of the DEA’s Caribbean and San Diego Divisions.  He was also the Chief of International Operations responsible for all offices worldwide, which included Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia and Southeast Asia.  Mr. Vigil was responsible for the development of several multi-national operations, which involved as many as 36 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean.

After the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan, he initiated Operation Containment, a heralded and dynamic initiative including 25 countries that is still funded by the U.S. Congress today. He also developed the Centers for Drug Intelligence allowing most countries in the world to collect and share valuable information in the global war against illicit drugs.  He served in Mexico for 13 years and in Colombia for over 3 years.

Mr. Vigil has been featured in numerous books:  Kings of Cocaine, The Last Narco, The Black Hand, La DEA en Mexico, Ojos Vendados, Plata o Plomo, The Devil’s Agent, Con La Muerte en los Bolsillos, A Dying Breed, Queenpins, Gangster Warlord’s, The Cartels: The Story of Mexico’s Most Dangerous Criminals, The Resurgent Terrorist Threat, Narcolandia, Cronicas de Heroes y Bandidos, and many others.  He is the author of the highly acclaimed book DEAL that recounts his dangerous career as an undercover agent for the DEA.

He is one of the DEA’s most decorated agents and was the recipient of the most prestigious award in law enforcement, the National Association of Police Organizations “Top Cop” award.  Of the many accolades he has received from foreign governments for his efforts in global counterdrug efforts, having been made an honorary General by the government of Afghanistan and presented the “The Key to the City” of Shanghai by the Chinese government are two he holds in highest esteem.  Former Dominican President Hipolito Mejia also presented him an Admiral’s sword.

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